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    Default Can You Have Guests From the Next Resort Over For a Visit?

    We just found out that friends are going to be next door when we are at Couples Negril next April. Would they be allowed to visit us (so we can show them that they made a terrible mistake by NOT coming to Couples!! lol) in any capacity: drinks on the beach or maybe lunch (we could pay for it)?

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    No, unless they buy a day pass which I think is $100US per person. I think they also have evening passes too.
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    I don't know for sure but I think they would have buy a day pass (or possibly a 1/2 day pass if that is offered). Last year when we were at CN, there was another couple that tried coming over from the resort next door & hang out on the beach with some of their friends & security made them leave. They tried it a couple of times but both times were told they couldn't stay.

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    You can meet them at the shoreline, but for drinks or food they need to buy a day pass.
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    Thank you all for your replies. Now that I know, maybe we'll just meet on the beach and take a walk down to the Office of Nature for a beer and a lobster!! (drool, drool!!)

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    Meet them and go somewhere else for drinks or lunch. That would probably be the most economical way to do it.

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    i would think the trading places would work
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    For them to enjoy the amenities the resort has to offer, they would have to get a day pass. They may be able to arrange a tour through guest services.

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    Trading Places is only between COUPLES resorts.... the couple they were wanting to come visit was not staying at another Couples Resort.

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