My fiancee and I booked our honeymoon for mid-November at CSS and I'm starting to get a little nervous about our choice. I've been stalking the message boards, and keeping up on trip-advisor reviews, and now I'm doubting our selection of CSS.
Can someone reassure me?
The last few trip advisor reviews have not been good, and my hopes are high based on the mostly glowing reviews I've read on the message board. This will be our first trip to an AI resort, but I'm wondering if I should lower my expectations? Or should we consider switching to a different resort? The latest reviews have mentioned poor service from the employees, the rooms are dated, and beach isn't great. Those are concerns for me. I'm curious if the "no tipping" policy might effect the quality of service?
I know we won't be spending a lot of time in our rooms, but this is our honeymoon so I do expect we'll be there somewhat often. Is the quality in furniture lacking? Should I consider upgrading to a better room? Right now we're booked for a beachfront suite.
We live in North Carolina, so we get to the beach occasionally. I'm not expecting a pristine beach - I know if that's what we're looking for we should book Negril instead - but I do want to be able to wade in and enjoy it. How rocky is it? Can you just float around and lazily enjoy yourself, or is the water and sand not accommodating for that?
We don't get to vacation often. This will be our first trip to Jamaica and my fiancee's first trip outside of the U.S. I know it's not going to be perfect, and vacation is what you make of it, etc., but I do want it to be a fun, comfortable trip and I don't want to regret our choice.
Any help/reassurance would be greatly appreciated!