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    Default First trip to CN in 52 days!!!

    Hi all,
    I am beyond excited. My fiance and I booked this trip after extensive research back in September of last year and we are finally 52 days away. We're getting married in 51, but after almost a decade together, this is the more exciting part.

    Will anyone be at CN between 10/14-10/21? We're both very shy initially so I'm worried about meeting people, but I really want to get the full experience! I have been gobbling up pictures and messages for nearly a year now so while this is our first time, I still feel like I am going home. I cannot express how excited I am!

    So far I have a "must pack" packing list. See anything missing?

    -LOTS of sunscreen
    -Bug spray & afterbite
    -Camera and underwater camera bag
    -Leave in conditioner
    -Beer cozy!
    -Lots of bathing suits
    -A nice outfit

    My plan is to wear mostly bathing suits and dressy beach coverups. Aside from one nice outfit and travelling clothing, what else should I bring to wear? Any suggestions for a newbie?

    We'll be in a deluxe beachfront. Did we choose well with the rooms?

    I think no matter what we do, we'll have an amazing time, but I don't know when we'll be able to afford to return, so I want to make sure we do everything we can to experience everything the first time!

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    You will need sundresses to wear in the evenings. Not too many. You can wear them more than one evening. I'll be there for 7 days and I'm bringing 3. During the day you are in your swimsuit, but at night you will want to shower and put on a sundress or something comfortable for the evening. I look at it as date night. That is how I view what I am going to take to wear.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have been to CN 3x. It is our faorite. We like building 7. You can't pick a room but you can ask for a building. Building 7 you get a great view of beach but it is far enoung away that you can hear beach activities but it won't keep you up. 2nd or 3rd floor is great. The resort is great. My wife aways overpacks. Make sure you bring some sort of hat and sunglasses. I don't know where you are coming from but we always leave a change of clothes on top of our luggage for when we get to the waiting area. The ride from MB airport is long (1hr 30 min) so we always change into shorts. Congratulations it will be a honeymoon that you will never forget. They have a way of making you feel that you are the only ones there.

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    It's all good Jessica (beachfront will be great). Congratulations and have fun!

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    We're arriving on the 20th..... will be celebrating wifey birthday on the 21st maybe we can catch you the day we arrive to see how your week went?!! Bill & Connie

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    My husband and I will be there Oct. 9 -18! This is our second visit (our last was 4 years ago - way too long). Congrats on your upcoming wedding, you are going to be in heaven at CN! My name is Shawna and my husband is Tim. My husband scuba dives - while he's doing that I'm on the beach, in the shade reading! Otherwise, we enjoy the AN beach (give it a try!!). I'm a little on the introverted side, my husband certainly is not!

    If you want to seek us out, I have very short dark brown hair and large tattoos on my arms. My husband is bald with a blond/grey goatee and lots of tattoos too (Wow, that makes us sound weird!! Please believe me, we're very normal, professional people!!) We are both in our early 40s. It would be fun to have a drink together!

    You will live in bathing suits and cover-ups during the day. In the evening a skirt (capri pants) and t-shirt are great, unless you are eating at Otaheite - then you may want to dress up a bit more. (Take a look at the dress code - men have to wear a collared shirt and closed toe shoes here.)

    You may want to bring a hat or two - the sun is very strong. Otherwise, you sound like you are set!

    I'm sure you'll be happy with your room - we stay in a deluxe garden room and we love it. Not fancy but, very fitting in the environment of CN.

    Have fun with all your preparations for CN - we'll see you there!

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    I'll be there Nov 21 - Dec 1st. Like you OP, I am beyond excited. This is our first time going to Couples Negril and also by far the most expensive/high end resort all inclusive we've booked. We started to cruise after 2009 and found them to be higher end than the RIU's we'd vacationed at before. We are very curious to see how Couples Negril compares to our cruises.

    We decided we wanted to go back to AI'ing ... when we would cruise we would spend all of our port stops at the beach. We realized what we REALLY want is cruise quality service but with a beach to lay on all day long!

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