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    Default What beer is served at the CN bars?

    We were at CN about 3 years ago and we are going back in October. Can someone please tell me what beer is served at the CN bars? We can't remember.

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    Red Stripe and RS Light

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    My travel agent told me they serve Miller Lite but you have to ask for it specifically. Any truth to this?

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    Red Stripe.

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    They had Miller Lite on trip 1 and 2 to CN but it was gone in Feb 2013 for trip #3. I was a little upset because I don't care for Red Stripe but I just drank more rum :-) Obviously it was not the end of the world as we are returning to CN in October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike&Mandi View Post
    My travel agent told me they serve Miller Lite but you have to ask for it specifically. Any truth to this?
    They used to, but last I heard, they don't have ML anymore.

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    They had Red Stripe and Heineken when we were there a couple of weeks ago. I think the Heineken was only available in the piano bar though, because that is the only place I saw it.

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    What is the best rum served at CN?

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    Red Stripe, Red Stripe light are everywhere.
    Heineken and Guinness are in the piano bar, maybe elsewhere as well but that's the only place we saw it last month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texascliffdance View Post
    What is the best rum served at CN?
    Appleton!!! Appleton VX, Appleton Estate Rum and Appleton Genesis (Appleton's white rum) Genesis is extremely smooth! Enjoy them all!

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    Is Heineken available in CSS?

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    While I can enjoy a very cold Red Stripe on a hot sunny day in Jamaica (and it has to be in Jamaica... tastes much better there!) I am a fan of higher ABV craft beers. So several trips ago I began taking beer with me from home. Not for every day, but a few special beers for a few special times in my favorite place! This year is was Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA (18%) and Avery Samael's Ale (15%). Last year I took two 22oz bottles .... Firestone & Walker Sucaba (Boubon Barrel Aged Barelywine) and Firestone & Walker Parabola. The big bottles weighed more, but I was able to share with some nice folks because I had more of it.
    I highly recommend "Jetbags" for transporting your bottles. They are available on Amazon and reusable. I have used the same ones for three trips now. I take my beer with me and then use the bags to bring home rum and rum cream. Just having a beer you love at your favorite resort makes it worth the slight trouble! Then I can be happy with Red Stripe the rest of the time. BTW- Most of the little stores outside the resorts sell Dragon Stout which is a richer tasting beer if you didn't bring you own and want a change from Red Stripe. (I am not a fan of Guinness nor Heineken at all).

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