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    Default Couples massage at Sans Souci

    We are heading to CSS in October to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary and my birthday. We got engaged at CTI almost a year ago, and are so excited to be back at Couples soon and visiting CSS for the first time. At CTI, we booked a couples massage in the spa, and I would like to arrange for another couples massage at CSS. Is there a certain massage locale that would be the most unique and most romantic for a couples massage at CSS? I have seen photos of the massage hut up on the cliff, but wasn't sure if there were other such huts around the property. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

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    There are several massage hut on the cliffs. Simply go check them out before you book it. Then you'll know which one is right for you.
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    The massage huts on the cliffs are unique and fabulous. We like Tucked Away and Far Away...just request when you book.


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    Yes - you want the stone hut that Juts out in to the water! Nice breeze and you can hear the waves crash. ..

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    There are, I believe, 3 huts in total, and they are all located on the same cliff overlooking the water.
    My waife and I had a couples massage...... AMAZING!!! No sound other than the water lapping at the rocks.
    One other time, it happened to be raining when we had one, which was even better. The sound of the rain hitting the leaves was so relaxing!

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    One of the highlights OF MY LIFE was getting a couples massage in the hut on the cliff at CSS. It's open air, so you can hear the waves crashing below and also get the breeze. Be sure to upgrade to an hour massage. It is so worth it.

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    You absolutely MUST do the couples massage in the Hideway which you see pictured. My husband got his first EVER massage and was very reluctant to do it but he loved the massage that Ruth gave him and the ambiance so much that he booked another one for two days later! I would definitely recommend Ruth and Kerry Ann. They were the best!

    You also have the option of doing a couples massage at SSB. That's on our list for our next trip!
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    Congrats & happy birthday!! CSS has more than 1 massage hut up on the cliff...all that overlook the ocean and are a fabulous place to get a couples massage. All are secluded and a very romantic place to have that special/relaxing massage. Have a blast!!!

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    Well, I don't really want to tell you, but, the Hideaway is probably the single best place on the planet for a couples massages (IMNSHO). The warm ocean breeze coming through the curtains and the gently lapping waves against the rocks under the hut are so soothing.

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    We wouldn't turn down a massage at any one of them! And yes, Kerry Ann & Ruth give awesome massages!!!

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