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    Default Beachfront Verandah Plug In's - CSA

    Hi...Can anybody tell me whether the Beachfront Verandah Suites at Couples Swept Away have plug in's next to the head of the bed? I have to wear a CPAP mask/machine to bed at nights and need to know if I need to bring an extension cord.
    Also, do you have an option of either a King bed or two doubles or is it all straight King Beds? Also..(sorry) are the beds hard like a rock or medium - comfy?

    Thank you all very much in advance...gonna book this thing tomorrow (tuesday) I need to get better facts.

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    I'll presume the Beachfront Verandahs are wired the same as the Ocean Verandahs and say yes.

    There's plugs under each "end table;" that's where I plugged my CPAP into.

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    yes they do, was just there 9/17-9/25

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    Thank you both very managed to cover both the possibilities running through our heads about Ocean Verandah vs Beachfront Verandah. Its nice to know that both are the same.
    Thanks ahain :0)

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