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    Default Wine and beverages included at CSS

    There is a parallel thread indicating pricing for a wine list. I am i incorrect in assuming that the All Inclusive pertains to house brands only and that there are additional options (wine) at added $$?

    What about premium brand liquors? I assume that premium brands are at the bars but 'house' brands in the mini bars in the rooms?

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    You are are correct, and you are correct.

    Managers wine list is available in the restaurants for upgraded wine. The mini-bar house brands are a little rough (especially the Vodka) so if you plan on having cocktails in your room, plan on buying a bottle or two of something more drinkable. You also get two Red Stripes a day and they always arrived warm for us. We were able to stock pile them until the fridge wouldn't hold any more however, then when we had a rainy evening we just stayed in the room on the porch.

    Scott and June
    Scott and June

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    All premium alcoholic beverages are included with the exception of the wine list, which I have only heard of people actually utilizing at dinner, but who knows. The in-room bottles are not premium, as you assumed, but they aren't total shwill either. The best of the in-room booze is probably the Appleton Special rum, which is the distillery's lowest quality blend. The house wines are ok, at best, but they definitely do the trick. As for rum outside of your room, at a minimum, ask for V/X at the bars. The overall selection can vary from bar to bar around the resort, but there is plenty of premium liquor at every bar.
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    Stan - Your assumptions are correct. While requested room service wines used to be delivered by the bottle, they now come in a carafe (1/2 litre) ... We would usually just order two. Liquors are by the bottle and usually a standard bar variety. You may pre-order all your mini-bar selections in advance of your trip (see Couples web-site) and use the form in your room to update selections daily.

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    Stan, House wine and house brands are included. If you want premium liquour in your mini bar, turn over your mini bar request form and there will be prices for the premium liquour available for purchase. Have a great trip!!!

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    Thanks folks. Should suit us just fine.

    A bottle of flor de cana for the room and we are all set!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan View Post
    Thanks folks. Should suit us just fine.

    A bottle of flor de cana for the room and we are all set!
    Um Stan, this is Jamaica we are talking about here. This will be your purcahse option: Appleton Estate VX rum $30.00

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