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    Default tipping drivers and other outside the resorts

    Hi my wife and I are going toCSS on Sept22-29. I was wondering how much is a good tip for the bus ride to the resort from the airport. I am not sure and do want to over or under tip. seems sillly to ask but we don't travel much. thanks

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    We always tip 20 for us both. It's a long ride and I feel it's fair. Our driver in April gave us a history lesson and had us all laughing, great time

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    We tip in the vicinity of $10 for almost anything we do. Some people tip more, and others, not at all. Our standard tipping schedule is:

    Airport Shuttle: $10 total/each way
    Cat Cruise: $10 total
    Spa staff: $5-10/pp,. depending on what she/we are getting done
    Sunset Bar Shuttle: $10 total
    Excursion drivers: Can vary from $5 (for a quick cab ride around town) to $20 (for a day trip), depending on length of trip and level of service.

    It may seem odd that we only tip the airport driver the same as the sunset driver, but our philosophy is that the airport guys run multiple times a day/week with, at least in our three trips, 4-5 couples on board. The Sunset driver only goes out a couple times a week with anywhere from zero to 3 couples on board, plus, he sits outside Pushcart waiting for you, and will make additional stops if requested on the way back. The cat cruise staff deserves $10, just because of the level of entertainment and free booze that's provided.

    Some may feel that's too much and some may feel it's not enough, but we both worked many years in the service industry between high school and college, and have made several Jamaican friends in the last six years who are very honest with us, and we're comfortable with those amounts. We bring $250 cash and have yet to leave "home" without something left over.

    Hope that helps!

    Editing note: I just realized that you are staying at CSS, so the Cat Cruise and Sunset Bar Shuttle don't apply, but we would use the same train of thought for other excursions on the OR side, too.
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    We usually do $10 each way.


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    We tip the bus driver $10 - $15 depending on how many are on the bus and if it's a good ride.

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    I usually tip the guy $20 total, buy I know some who only tip $10. Bag guys at the airport a buck a bag. On the beach for the strolling musicians usually a dollar or two if I am enjoying their music right in front of me, but not when they are in front of another group.

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    Not a silly question. About $5-10 per person is what we do...depending on how much the driver interacts with us along the way (and how much Red Stripe we consume at the Couples Lounge). It's all up to you. Have fun!!!

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    thanks for the quick repies they are very helpful. can' wait to get there. any other advice would be great

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    I gave our driver $20 on the way from airport to CSS as he explained and pointed out everything on the way there. Coming back the driver never said a word all trip then pulled into a roadside cafe and disappeared inside without a word and was gone for about 10 mins before returning to the bus (when asked he had been to get and eat his lunch) - as I was needed a toilet stop but did not want to get off the bus and not be there when he returned (and not knowing if he was going to be gone 1 minute or 15 minutes I was sat crossing my legs by the time we got to the airport so he got nothing from me and I noticed none of the other 6 tipped him either so they were obviously thinking the same. All it would have taken was for him to say he was going to get something to eat and if anyone wanted to eat, drink or use the toilet they could do but be back on board in X minutes and I would have happily tipped him as I would have enjoyed the rest of the journey more comfortably.

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    We tip $10 each way - a bit more if he tells us things as we pass by them. Also a bit more if he DOESN'T STOP for the guy who needs to pay $5 for a Red Stripe when the resort is only another 10-15 minutes along.
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    Some of us haven't eaten since 5 am and enjoy stopping for a patty and Red Stripe. Seems childish to tip the driver less because other guests want to stop and you don't. Good grief.

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