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    Default Suggestions of what to order at Feathers/Lemongrass CSA?

    I have read so many suggestions of which places to go and what to order from seagrapes and patios.. I feel as though everyone says Feathers/Lemongrass is a must do but haven't seen many suggestions on what to order to eat... This is our first trip to couples next month and want to make the most of it.. Suggestions from prior guests?

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    My honey had a nice steak and I had lionfish and scallops . The lionfish was really good and the creme brulee for dessert.
    At lemongrass, we both had the sampler appetizer and pad thai, very good. Be sure and go early and try the martini bar next to Lemongrass, excellent!! Have a great time!

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    Be sure to order the sampler platter as an appetizer at Lemongrass. There will be everything from chicken wings to spring rolls to ribs to tofu on it. The menu at Lemongrass is more Asian Fusion than Thai, but they do make a pretty good Pad Thai.

    The menu at Feathers changes. The beef is always very good here if it is on the menu. Be sure to order something from every course. The portions are on the small side, but after you eat every course (including the yummy desserts) you will be full!

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