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    Default New Years in Negril

    My husband and I just booked our 3rd trip to Couples. We will be staying at Couples Negril for the week of New Years Eve 2013/2014. We stayed at another resort in Bloody Bay in November 2009 and since that time at CSA twice (the last time in Feb '11). I can't wait to get back and to try out a new property!

    I'm curious what it's like there over the Christmas/New Years holiday? Does Couples throw a special New Years Eve celebration? Is that a very "crowded" time at the resort? With my experience at CSA in the past, the resort was seemingly at full occupancy when we were there in February. It made finding a beach lounger or chair at the pool bar difficult at peak times. I'm wondering if we will have the same kind of issues at CN this trip.

    I would love to hear from folks who have been there during the holidays! I'd also love to hear comparisons of the two properties from folks who have visited both. I'm so glad our trip is booked and I'm counting down the days until I can feel the sand beneath my toes and reggae in the background again!

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    My husband and I have been to CN 6 times CSA 1 time and this Feb. we are going to try CSS. We go in Feb every year. The hotel is at full capacity, we usually go down to the beach around 10am. There are a lot of chairs available, unfortunately the chairs have towels on them but no people, any hoo, we do finally get chairs at this time of day. You just have to search. We find one here and find one there, sometimes we even get a little table!! We just pull them where we want to sit for the day. Eezy, peezy, lemon squeezy!!
    One Love,

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    We went to CN for 2010/2011 New Years. We also went to CSA in 2012 so I can answer both of your qustions I think. When we were at CN over New Years they had a big New Years Eve party. It was Old Hollywood theme and they had a big screen over the main pool showing old black and shite movies. They had huge ice sculptures with Happy New Year 2011 carved out. They started with a cocktail hour and hors' devours up in the lobby. Then they had tables all around the main pool deck with candles and white linens. They hada buffet set up as well. They had lobster and all kinds of other things. They had a band that started about 9 or so and then the count down at midnight and a balloon drop. They had sky lanterns they let go at midnight on the beach (one got stuck in a tree though and we were all a bit nervous for that!). They had 2011 written in candles on the beach as well. It was a beautiful New Years eve celebration.
    We have been to both resorts when they were full capacity and honestly never have had problem with anything. Of course we don't care about getting a chair in the shade and have no problem finding two chairs and dragging them to where we want to sit. We spend most of our beach time in the water anyway floating. We did not sit at the pool bar much at CSA, but when we did we had two chairs no problem. It was at the end of the day though. The two resorts are both beautiful and have different things to offer. We got beachfront suites at both places with the premeire one at CSA. We loved the huge balcony at CSA, but liked the overall room better at CN - with the bathroom being larger and getting appetizers at night before we went out to dinner. Loved the reservation resteraunt at CSA (Feathers) over the one at CN (Otaheite). Overall we decided to go back to CN next trip which is in December 2014. But - we really enjoyed CSA as well and can't say we would not go back there someday as well, CN is just calling us back. Have a great time!

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    We have spent the past 2 Christmas' at CN (& will be there again this holiday) but leave the day after Christmas & it's THE BEST time to go ..... We've been at all times during the year but this our favorite ..... Lots of return guests, very festive with lights & decorations everywhere & the weather is cooler with less humidity. Can't help you with what all they do for New Years Eve but have heard it's quite a party & that the crowd gets rowdier for that period from friends that were there for the week we were but stayed the week after Christmas also. It's the resorts busiest week of the year so will be full ..... CN never feels crowded, though. As for a comparison of CN & CSA, we have stayed at both (as well as CSS & some other AI resorts in Negril before we found Couples) & CN is by far our favorite .... Only been to CSA 1X & CSS 1X with no plans to return to either but trip #7 booked for CN .... That says it all. Love the compact resort feel at CN with everything centered around the most gorgeous pool & pool bar area with the beach right there & the beach & water is AMAZING!!!!!! The beach is not as busy with walkers & vendors & the water is calmer than CSA.

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    Default We were first timers at CN New Years Eve celebration - NYE 2012

    Here is a summary of my tripadvisor review of New Years Eve celebration at CN:

    “New Years Eve celebration was a top notch Island extravaganza”

    My significant other and I booked a trip to CN over the New Years Eve week 2012. This is our first trip to Jamaica and the first time doing an all inclusive. We have to book at last minute as we do not get our schedule in advance to know our days off so it meant limited options over New Years week. Our travel agent made a number of recommendations which we narrowed down to Negril. We had a tough time choosing between CSA and CN but in the end only CN had space during the time we could travel. We flew Air Canada direct from Toronto. Fortunately we just missed a day of storms but our flight still arrived about 45 minutes late. Arriving late meant we had to wait a great deal of time for our pre booked charter flight to Negril. Our late flight and peak travel season was combined with Island Time so it was somewhat understandable. We likely arrived at the resort at the same time that the resort bus arrived at CN. (Next time I bring a change of clothes in a bag so I get comfortable in airport lounge instead of waiting to unpack.) We booked a Garden Suite. We had requested a 3rd floor room in advance on the pre booking check in. The room was lovely, clean and exactly what was advertised on the site. I know some people have complained of peeling paint or rooms needing renovations but we did not see any problems. And we did not see one bug in the room during our entire stay. The suite offers a nightly hor d'oeuvres (rather small) service and you can have in room dining. We ordered a lovely breakfast tray with coffee each morning. Mini bar was stocked on a daily basis within 5 minutes of calling in a request. We did a 'Trading Places' day trip to CSA and decided that we were likely better suited to CN. The water is calmer at CN and we did not have any problems finding beach chairs or getting flag service. CSA beach seemed to be a lot more crowded, we had to scramble to get beach chairs and the flag service was non existent. (But the food options and gym services appeared nicer at CSA). Our own vacation centered around beach time, wonderful meals and getting a good night's sleep. We did enjoy the catamaran tour and glass bottom tour. We enjoyed a beach walk to Office of Nature (on the beach) for some grilled lobster with local flair. I had a mani/pedi and hair appointment at the salon which was lovely. (I would have stayed out of salon on vacation except that we had a New Years Eve celebration.) We preferred Lychee over the 'upscale' Otaheite both for food and service. Otaheite must be booked in advance but has an assembly line feel to it as it is simply 3 large scale seatings offered rather than simply taking reservations through the night. There was no issue with theft in our room but we made it a priority to put all valuables in a safe (password we select) when we left the room. We also put the privacy sign on the doors when we wanted to ensure no one was in our room when we out. We brought sun tan lotion, bug spray and water bottle containers. The bug spray was applied liberally before heading to beach to avoid sand flies. And we understood before arriving that Couples Negril does not provide water bottles on the resort but will provide filtered water. Both of us drank the water and did not get sick (whew). There is a computer room so we were able to touch base with home when necessary. We booked a romantic special candle light dinner in the tree tops (worried about the sand flies on the beach) which was lovely. You can bring an ipod with own music selection.

    The best night of all was the New Years Eve 2012. It truly blew our minds. Last year Jamaica celebrated a milestone anniversary so the theme of the party was the "50th Anniversary of Independence". There was a wine and hor d'oeuvres mingling meet and greet in the area close to the salon/spa at about 5pm. There were lovely tables all over the pool area for buffet style dinner to start at 630pm. You could pick your own seat in advance by simply leaving a scarf. Or you could request a table be assigned to you. You could sit in tables of 2, 4, 6 or 8. One of the treats that we enjoyed was meeting one of the staff and their spouse as they were invited to join in the celebration. We asked to be assigned a table where we met some lovely people from around the globe. We loved that staff are treated with such respect and not made to feel like they should not socialize with the guests. So much food representing many cuisines from around the globe was served at different stations. My husband piled his plate so high with seafood that he had not even realized that was only one of many food stations. I recall British, Italian, Japanese, Island cooking and likely 5 other food tables where the servers offered you their take of that country's cuisine. My favourite part of the night was the delicious entire Otaheite restaurant devoted to dessert sampler buffet of every dessert imaginable. A fantasy room for those with a sweet tooth.

    Wonderful energy. Truly an unforgettable celebration with dancing with a local band set up in the poolside area. It was fun bunch. Not too rowdy. A beach fire just after the band did the count down ended the evening. And an opportunity to launch paper lanterns at midnight. I believe most people even the stragglers were gone back to rooms by 1 or 130am. As with any night in Otaheithe there were varying degrees of 'dress to impress'. Some men wore suits and ties and some women were dressed to the 9s but they were the exception. I wore a long dress and strappy sandals while my SO wore a nice shirt and long pants. Um. Try to wear loose fitting clothes if you really wish to tackle the buffet.

    We have been to Whistler, NYC, Las Vegas and Banff for NYE but we enjoyed this one the best.

    Thank you, Couples Negril. My only suggestion would be that they advertise a little more on the web page so first timers knew a little more in advance what to do expect as the information before the celebration was sparse. And my only other concern is that perhaps 2012 was a celebration above the norm due the anniversary - but I imagine every NYE is a grand affair.

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    hello we will be in negril at CN for xmas this year and wanted to reach out and possibly make a new friend...We are from MN and this will be our second trip there ...Let us know if you might be intresting in chatting it up sometime

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