My husband and I just booked our 3rd trip to Couples. We will be staying at Couples Negril for the week of New Years Eve 2013/2014. We stayed at another resort in Bloody Bay in November 2009 and since that time at CSA twice (the last time in Feb '11). I can't wait to get back and to try out a new property!

I'm curious what it's like there over the Christmas/New Years holiday? Does Couples throw a special New Years Eve celebration? Is that a very "crowded" time at the resort? With my experience at CSA in the past, the resort was seemingly at full occupancy when we were there in February. It made finding a beach lounger or chair at the pool bar difficult at peak times. I'm wondering if we will have the same kind of issues at CN this trip.

I would love to hear from folks who have been there during the holidays! I'd also love to hear comparisons of the two properties from folks who have visited both. I'm so glad our trip is booked and I'm counting down the days until I can feel the sand beneath my toes and reggae in the background again!