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    Default Any Pics of CN Bathroom Renovations?

    Rumor has it the bathroom renovations at CN have begun. That there will changes to a walk in-shower concept from the tubs currently. Is this true? If so, I applaud changing to walk in showers!

    Will the renovations be resort wide? When will they be complete? Anybody have pics yet?

    Any input from Randymon, CN staff or others would be much appreciated.


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    Mark, there was someone else asking this same thing and Randymon posted pictures of the new bathroom design. Search the thread and you'll see what they plan to do.

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    Buildings 1 and 2 are closed. Last week, all the tubs, sink area and toilets have been removed. Also, what ever covered the wall in the bathroom in the past has also been removed. Beds and furnishings have also been removed, and everything on the walls taken down. Bathrooms in these buildings are being redone, and the sleeping area completely refreshed. I asked about seeing a model bathroom while there, but they did not seem to know what I was talking about. I did enter the stripped rooms to look around. This is a major undertaking.
    Cannot wait to see it!

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    We will be in a deluxe ocean in December, I amnot sure of what building they are in, are they being updated?

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    Hope that building 1 & 2 are done by December!!!!

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    Just wondering if anyone who has stayed in Building 1 would be so kind as to post a photo of the newly renovated bathroom? Does anyone have a photo they could share?

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