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    hi , am getting married at couples swept away in November 2014. and am so nervous i haven't a clue what to expect. but yet still the excitement is so-real. i cant wait. plus is there dress codes?

    if any1 has any picture they dont mind sharing that would be great.

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    Monifa, my pics are too big to post here apparently but I could email you a few if you'd like. We got married 10 years ago at CSA and had so much fun, we renewed our vows last April. It's really a pretty low stress way to do. Couples are real pros and take care of all the details. They do hundreds of these every year. If you have questions feel free to ask, Sara

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    Aww thx for the information softail19. Yeah can you send me sum pic if u don't mind to

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    I would also like to see your wedding images. Please share 1-2 images

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    I just got married there 5-15-14. It was AMAZING and you will not be disappointed. Pics are too large to upload. email me and I will send you some. I used the resort photographer (Cecil). He did a fantastic job !!! Michele-

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    Michele, I sent you an email about pictures. For some reason if you do not get it i will post it here. My email address is I would really love to see pictures of your wedding since I will be getting married there april 28th 2015. Thank you!

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    I am getting married November this year too! I feel the same way as you do (So excited). I have been reading these message boards for weeks (They are getting me even more excited!). What's your date? Ours is the 17th.


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    Congrats ladies! I too am a CSA bride and had my Weddingmoon there 2006. As Softtail said, Couples resorts are pro's at this so try not to worry! We just got back from CSA (mid August) and saw 3 weddings on the beach while we were there and each one was treated with the same special care. Lol we cried at each one as it was the same minister that married us! Here are just a few pics from our special dayName:  Jamaica Wedding 0021.jpg
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    I agree Christy, I tear up every time I see a wedding too!

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    ChristyCSA: Where did you get your husbands white hawaii shirt. We are renewing our vows at CSA May 25th

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    Where did you get your husbands white hawaii shirt?

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    I think we got it & his pants that he wore to dinner at the same place I got my Sarong in 2006, at Carribean Wraps/All You Need To wear. However it seems they do not sell this pattern anymore as I just checked & only plain white. So I searched "Men White Hibiscus Wedding Shirt" and came across these 2 that are very similar. If you don't like these, just try the same search as it seems pretty easy to findL

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    Nope, I was wrong! My hubby corrected me as he still gets emails from the place we got his shirt. Here is the link, 3rd row from the bottom

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    Thank you so much ChristyCSA

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    Hi Monifa,

    What day are you getting married? I am also getting married in less than 50 days! We are flying in the 21st and getting married the 25th of November. Are you planning on using the resorts photographer? We are still trying to figure out the details, the prices seem pretty high. Hope you are enjoying your wedding planning!

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    We are getting married at CSA 12/4!

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    I was married at CSA on October 9. I used an outside photographer who was very reasonable and the pictures were awesome. You can email me at if you would like to know the name of my photographer.

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