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    Default Wedding tips for CSS??

    We will be at CSS in December and we were wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding anything and everything wedding-like at this resort? We are getting the Tropical Package and will be having a standard cocktail hour. Locations for ceremony & cocktail hour? Cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres recommendations? Additional ideas? Thank you ahead of time to those that are willing share ideas.

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    Hi LJT,congratulations on choosing couples and CSS for your wedding. I'm surprised nobody has responded yet and I won't be much help as we've only been once in 09. CSA is our favorite but I will say, CSS is gorgeous! We did a private dinner in the wedding gazebo and it was spectacular. That area would be too small for a large group but there is a pool and area by the gym with a deck overlooking the sea. That might be a nice spot for the cocktails and hor dorves (sp). I didn't see any larger weddings there when we were there but I'm sure they've done thousands. Maybe over at Sunset beach for a more private affair? There is a saxaphone player too.
    Couples are real pros so no worries there. We had so much fun the first time around, (04) we renewed our vows last April and both times was unforgettable. Happy planning

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    I have heard about CSS from one of my friend. As, her wedding was done their and she mentioned me that CSS is really a nice place for organizing any party. But, as softail mentioned that this place is good for smaller group more as the space is little limited.

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    For indoor receptions, they have the Heleconia suite I believe its called. It's like a banquet type room.

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    I'll add, I'm sure they've had larger groups for weddings, they are real pros and am sure they could handle it. Wish I was more help. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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    Thank you softail19! We are so excited and we can't believe it less than 5wks away! Yeeee!!!

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    Agree with Softail, Couples really are pro's & make it all so easy! I know how it is with all the unknowns of it being in another country as we got married at CSA in 2006. We also did CSS in 2011 & it is so beautiful there, you really will have no regrets. Try not to stress & enjoy it, as it all goes by so fast

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