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    Last year we stayed at CTI and had a Trading Places day at CSS. I was excited to finally see SSB! I am very fair skinned and had recently been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a very mild (thankfully) and generally not-dangerous form of skin cancer. So I was definitely looking for some good shade.

    We arrived by bus late by beach standards, after 10:00, so all of the palapas had chairs/tables under them with towels, beach bags, etc. but there was no one to be seen. So I pulled over a chair to share the shade of a palapa I thought was big enough for 4 --my chair wasn't any closer to the empty chairs than it would be in most spots on the Island or even the main beach at CTI. I stripped and started reapplying sunscreen. I want to emphasize that I didn't touch their stuff at all, and I set up behind them, so I wouldn't block their ocean view.

    Over runs the owner of the towel on the empty chair--he FREAKS OUT at me, yelling that it is his space, he got there early to reserve it. I said I didn't mean to intrude, but that I was looking to share the shade. (Just look at me...I am NOT a tanner.) He continued to fume that I was taking his spot. So I dragged my chair under a tree at the far end of the beach instead. My husband was upset, I was upset.

    The best part? When I left, the guy went back to his companion, who was laying in the sun. The two of them stayed there pretty much all day, and the palapa stayed empty.

    I am happy to say that everyone else we met at SSB was lovely, but it was hard to relax and enjoy myself knowing that Mr. McTemper was so close by. Not a nice introduction. And if I were new to the AN experience, it would probably have driven me right back to the textile side. I'm comfortable AN, but I don't want to be yelled at by a strange naked man, while also nude! It definitely had me feeling vulnerable.

    We did decide to give CSS a try this year, and I am hoping to fall in with a nice crowd that shares the shade. I can't imagine anyone being so unfriendly at the Island.

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    Godiva.... you can always share our palapa. We're finding CSS more to our liking. We've left books and things on our loungers when Barbara has gone up to take Aqua-aerobics.... I'd hate to come back and find our things dumped. I guess now I'll have to ask permission from the chair police first. I've seen chairs remain empty of people, but with books ect. on them on the Island as well....But it doesn't seem to be such an issue. (Guess Island folk are more mellow) I really don't know what's causing this? Deep breaths and relax... we're all there to unwind and de-stress.

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    There are people like that everywhere, unfortunatlly. If it were me I would tell him to blank off and i would have stayed right there to make him get even madder and hope he would go away. Most people we met were very nice so I wouldnt woory about a jerk like that.You have got as much right to use the palapa as him.

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    Wow Godiva! What a terrible experience! Just want you to know I would have gladly shared the shade with you and your hubby at SSB!

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    Toxics, I am sure you will have a better experience this time around. We were just at SSB two weeks ago - our first AN experience ever, and everyone we encountered there was incredibly nice. One lady actually waved us over to available loungers in the shade when we showed up and started looking for space. She didn't even know us! I hope you have a great time!

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    Aww, thanks noviascotiajack, suzyQ and ggirl40. I think you are right--most people are nice, friendly and willing to share the shade.

    Jack, one of these days we will overlap with you & Barbara again. Have a great trip in April.

    24 days for us!

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    We'll see you for a few days overlap...if you need a body guard I'm there for you. I'm 6-1, 245 and I can pretend to be scary (I'm not really) if need be.

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    Jhenderson, I'm not sure how I missed you in my initial thanks, but thank you. I would love to see you make that guy sputter. I usually stand strong but when I'm on vacation I hate to argue with anyone.

    Dan/Nautical4life, hopefully it won't be needed! I am looking forward to being there SOON! :-D

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    Godiva no thanks are needed. I dont want to seem like a hot head , but I don't like people like that. They think they own the place and have no consideration for anyone but themselves. In the end they will get what is comming to them, one time that guy will do that to the wrong person and he wont do it again. All the people we have met at Couple have been really nice but as I said before some poeple will always be jerks. I know you will have a great time.

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    We met a couple like that on the main beach our first day...and they were from CANADA!!...but never at SSB. I think this guy was likely a serious exception to the AN "code". His type are few and far between among the unclothed.

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    You could always put a laxative in their drinks and watch them run to the restroom (making sure you had removed all the paper first) and then just sit there with a huge knowing smile on your face!!!!!!

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    I doubt that has ever been a problem. It is clear when someone is 'using' the chair rather then draping a hat and book on the towel. When we are there we do not leave for any long period of time. You usually know who is at the next chair or Palapas. Generally when someone comes to the beach you will ask the people near, "Is anyone using this chair?" The answer is "yes, they are at the pool" and it is taken care of. Where is "Palapas" come from anyway? My only other wish is that I were writing this from SSB RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

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    Default Needed Management input on guests reserving lounges

    Love SSB, mainly for its friendly, carefree atmosphere. What is sometimes missing is a modicum of common courtesy, by a few guests that make it a practice of "declaring ownership" of what they decree to be their spot, by staking a claim with personnel items and showing up hours later. I think lots of guests share this view - but what I don't recall seeing is a management position. What's up here? I am ok with people leaving for a massage or even lunch at Bella Vista.

    Generally guards a pretty good about reminding guests to shower before getting in the pool, loud music etc. On one occasion, a woman slipped on a Tee shirt because she was turning a bright red. She was politely reminded that SSB was nude, but to the guards credit, he simply mentioned it - never insisting. Reasonable Judgment is the operative word for the woman's shirt a hogging lounges.

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    More palms, more shade huts, more loungers and more umbrellas than ever when we were there a few weeks ago. Really think some people just need to make an issue out of everything.

    Keep calm and carry on!

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    I must say that we do stake claim to a spot when arrive on SSB, but we are there and stay there. We may venture over to Bella Vista for lunch or the Pallazina, but always come back within the hour. Others really should have the same courtesy.

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    Yes, we stake a spot as well.... and spend the day... only go for lunch our aqua-aerobics.

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    We also stake a spot early in the day by the pool. We will of course go hang out in the pool for extended periods of time and also leave to go eat. We have little laminated signs that we leave on our chairs that say "Went for breakfast/lunch. Back in a bit!" There will be no mistaking that our chairs are being used. It's just so hard to get my lazy a__ out of the lounger once I've gotten it in!

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    We typically put in a full shift daily. There after breakfast ~ 8:30 and clock out ~ 5:00. We usually only leave for Spa, yoga or one of us makes a quick trip to the room. Like everyone else we have preferred spots, but are flexible like most others. Nothing humbles you like going over the first afternoon after arriving and having to "settle" for what spot is open at the time

    It is also our experience that if you show some consideration, are friendly and play well with others that folks have your back and those are the folks that you wind up sharing a breakfast or dinner with as well as the great times and experiences that we all love SSB for over the years.

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    It does seem like one of the issues is that there is not enough shade
    We have been on SSB when there were 10 people and when there were 62 (one afternoon last July)
    Obviously when there were only 10 there was no issue
    but there are only so many loungers at the pool
    only so many loungers under the tikis on the beach
    only so many umbrellas around the pool
    May be as SSB is getting more popular, the management should think about adding some more shade areas
    it seems that buying more umbrellas for the pool area is relatively cheap
    Building more tikis on the beach is a bit more expensive

    as long as there are less shade areas than people at SSB there will be some conflict


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    John, you are so right....the way to keep the fighting over preferred spots is from Couples to buy more umbrellas. Plenty of umbrellas means shade for everybody that wants it. I'm guilty of chair hogging and have gone down at the crack of dawn to snag a palapa only to find people have already reserved chairs! Of course we go after breakfast and stay in or near our loungers all day.

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    I'm amazed by the number of people who vacation in the tropics and show up in search of shade.

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    Angel, some of us fair-skinned people vacation in the tropics to escape the cold, not to burn ourselves to a crisp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    I'm amazed by the number of people who vacation in the tropics and show up in search of shade.
    Could be because we want to enjoy ALL of our vacation. The son is very hot and you can burn very easily. We utilize the sun but also the shade to prevent sunburn, as well as using mega amounts of sunscreen.

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    You are so funny.
    I got it

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    The emoticon was placed there to indicate I was being silly. "Lighten up, Francis." (<-------again...smiley to indicate humor)

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