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    "Lighten up, Francis."
    Good use of this Allans_Angel. There are just not enough Sgt. Hulka quotes these day! Well played!

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    Sun Kissed, I believe that is what is being said here. No one cares if you go up for a massage or get lunch. It is the people that put towels and a book on two chairs then go for the glass bottom boat ride, get lunch and show up at 2pm we have a problem with. You are also correct vacation is for vacationing.

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    It's funny that this thread is even still here - I posted to this thread long ago and completely forgot about the topic.

    That's because I'm happy to say that this was never an issue last October.

    I think the additional shade made a big difference.

    & I think everyone who commented agreed - it's perfectly ok to leave your things on your chair while you do just about anything...

    But if you're at ssb at 5:00am to "reserve" a chair, then go back to your room to sleep and show up many, many hours later - you might find your stuff was moved...

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    Reserving lounge chairs under shade was definitely a norm when we were there a couple weeks ago. In one instance some choice words were exchanged between a long-term "seat-saver" and a couple looking for a seat. I watched from a distance and thought for sure there would be more than choice words. Luckily that didn't happen. This situation did not add to our relaxing vacation.
    Every day the same people claimed the same chairs, seemingly in the wee morning hours. We both said that maybe we should re-consider SSB and try somewhere else as saving chairs shows selfishness and entitlement, so this may not be a great place to meet like-minded people for us. sad.

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    The people who save loungers in the early morning hours are few and far between at - at least in our experience it has never been an issue. We usually get to SSB around 10am and have always gotten seats at the pool under an umbrella. We even found seats on our arrival day earlier this year and that was around 2 in the afternoon. I think the problem SEEMS much worse because when it does happen that's what we focus on rather than all the folks not saving seats! And I agree with earlier posts - coming to get your seats, hanging out and leaving for a massage or lunch is NOT a big deal!

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