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    Default a couple specific CSA room questions for GVS rooms

    Hi All! I've done some research on here but still have a couple questions to clear up before we arrive and see if we can make any special room requests. We booked the basic category garden verandah suite because windows and a TV were deal breakers for my husband. Within this category what is the difference between the new and old side i hear people mention? Also, it was my plan to request a top floor corner room. Would anyone advise against this for any reason other than ease of room service delivery? It seems in the pictures I've seen those particular rooms have vaulted ceilings. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? Are there any buildings in particular that should be avoided? I know road noise could be an issue in any room of this category, but generally any advice here would be appreciated.

    Also, if I were to inquire about an upgrade on arrival, which room categories have windows and TVs that would be worth the extra cost? I know everyone loves the atrium suites, but my husband wanted to have a tv for the occasional afternoon siesta. I know when i booked great house verandah suites weren't much more at all but people don't seem to like those as much from what i read. Any input on why? They seem to look more modern, but that's not a necessity as long as the bathroom isn't in a totally decrepit state.

    I know it's vacation and I won't be spending much time in the room. Hell, I'd sleep in a cardboard box as long as it was air conditioned and it meant a week off work on the beach! I would like to have my ducks in a row and know what to expect since it's our first time to Jamaica and we typically stay in glitzier resorts.

    11 more days!!!!!

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    The differences are
    1. Older side, just large shower, newer ones have tub shower combo
    If you've stayed in ritzier hotels, the Greathouse verandas might be right for you. The bathrooms are larger and nicer and you'll most likely get a view of the ocean. The only drawback to some is that it's a big building with restaurants snd gift shops.
    We've stayed in both the newer and older gvs on the ground floors. I think I prefer the older ones a little more for the lush gardens and more private veranda. There really are no bad rooms at csa.
    I have a few pics of the older one we stayed in in April if you'd like to see a few email me at

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    We have always stayed in a GVS and my favorite room is 3101, it is on the bottom floor, corner, with a wall of shutters. I think one year they put us on the third floor and I don't remember it having a vaulted ceiling. This year we have opted to stay in an Atrium Suite, friends of ours stayed in one and the second floor did have a vaulted ceiling. I also remember one year almost staying in a Garden Suite in the old section, and it had a vaulted ceiling, but there was a plumbing problem and we were moved to the GVS. Whether you stay on the bottom floor 3101, or the second or third floor, it is a very nice section and you even have a view of the ocean. These rooms are also by the bridge and koi ponds, very lovely, and very quiet, not much foot traffic, and the verandah of 3101 has a lot of foliage that gives you even more privacy. It's also nice because you are able to come and go, if on the first floor, of course, directly from your verandah door to the beach. Have a wonderful trip. Eighty days and counting for us!
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    <a href=""><img alt="Photos of Couples Swept Away, Negril" src=""/></a><br/>This photo of <a href="">Couples Swept Away</a> is courtesy of TripAdvisor
    This is what I was picturing when thinking of requesting a top floor corner suite, with those high ceilings. This is a regular GVS right?

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    <a href=""><img alt="Photos of Couples Swept Away, Negril" src=""/></a><br/>This photo of <a href="">Couples Swept Away</a> is courtesy of TripAdvisor
    here is another pic from TA with the high ceilings and it says GVS older in the caption. this is the type of room i think we'd like to request, I just wasn't sure exactly what i was asking for. Thanks for the help guys and to softail for all the amazing pics!

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    Both the older and newer Garden Verandah suites have TVs. I believe the olders ones have screens and shutters for the windows with no glass. The A/C works fine and some people like to open the slats on the shutters to let the breeze flow through. If you want one that has glass you'll have to request a newer GVS. We prefer a third floor corner room for privacy and view, but a lot of people like the bottom corner rooms to be able to go in and out the patio door. Just stick with the GVS. If you get to your room and you don't like it, you could ask to be moved. Good luck and CSA is the best!

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    We just got back from CSA last week and stayed in a GVS. We were in the "old" section, room 1211 which was upstairs corner room in building 2 next to building 1. Loved the room. Yes, we heard cars going by but it absolutely was NOT a problem. You would have to be a VERY light sleeper for it to disturb you. My brother/sister-in-law were staying in room 1112 which was downstairs corner in building 1. BOTH of these rooms had TV's in them. Must have been added recently since old section has been TVless up until now. I know some people like not having a tv but no one says you have to turn it on. This was our first time in the GVS and wouldn't hesitate booking them again if the Atriums were booked up. Cost difference between the two are negligible. Atriums ARE quieter being further from the road if it makes any difference to you.

    Thanks to all the staff for making this another wonderful vacation. No issues whatsoever. Will be back again next year.

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    nova- you did have glass windows still right?

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    Thanks for the input everyone. I think I've gathered that if I want vaulted ceilings, I need to be on a top floor in the older section of GVS rooms since the top floor of GVS rooms in the newer section don't have it. 5 sleeps!

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    We stayed it a GVS and we were in the newer section! We had a third floor room! More private and better view! We were close to Patios, swim up bar and grill! Road noise was not a issue! Only the corner rooms in the GVS will have shutters and it is glass behind them! If you want shutters and screens book atrium! Atrium rooms have no tv! We were told GVS in the older section don't have tv?

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    All gvs have tvs

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    @ christianautumn Yes there was glass on windows and Second floor had vaulted ceiling.

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    We paid more for GVS because we loved being so close to the restaurant, swim up bar, etc. last time. Hoping we get a similar area in a few days!

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