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    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has done the private dinner after their wedding? I am wondering about the food options? Also, we just aren't sure what to do after our ceremony. We are scheduled for 4pm but i have read a lot of posts about water color so may make it earlier. But it will just be us and I was thinking that may be nice or maybe that would feel too scheduled. Any advice?

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    We were married at CSS in August at 11am and the water was so blue and pretty. We were married in the gazebo and then I scheduled the private dinner as a surprise to my new husband in the gazebo that night. It was definitly worth it and so romantic! We only had 2 menus to chose from, but we didn't do it for the food (although it was good)...I set it up for the surprise and the memory. We enjoyed the quiet dinner together to celebrate- you have all the other nights to be with everyone else. We had an amazing time down there....I am ready to go back Good luck!!

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    I asked about the menu because we are both vegetarian and often that really limits what you get served. Thank you though for sharing your experience!

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    We only had the 2 menus to chose from and neither one was vegetarian. But I am sure if you asked, they would accommodate you. We didn't have to get everything on the menu either. We just told the waiter what we did want and that is what he brought. Just ask- you never know You will have a great time whatever you decide.

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