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    Default Question about schedule of activities at CSA - planning cliff dinner

    So yesterday we booked our first trip to CSA after going to CN twice many years ago. My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary on this trip and thought about going to Ivan's for dinner one night. We will be in Negril 4/23-30 (Wed-Wed). I know the repeaters dinner is Monday night, which is also our anniversary. Kind of a bummer but I wouuldn't want to miss the dinner as it was amazing at CN years ago. So now I am trying to figure out which night would be best to go to Ivan's and when we should go on the One Love Bus. We will be signing up for the sunset cruise as well but no other off property excursions.

    What are your thoughts?


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    We just got back this week from CSA and had a wonderful dinner at Ivan's!!! We also traveled Wed.-Wed. I decided that Friday was the best night for us, as we didn't really care about the Beach Party at CSA. I emailed the restaurant about 2 weeks ahead of time, but this is their slower season so you may want to do it earlier. They sent a driver for us at 5:30, who picked us up in the lobby. No charge for this. We had a great table and yummy dinner with great service at sunset. Driver returned to pick us up. You need to pay for the return trip back to CSA. All in all this was the highlight of our trip! Dinner with wine was about $95. Just looked at our pictures from that night...priceless. Have a Happy Anniversary at Ivan's and CSA!

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    Will be our first trip to CSA & Jamaica....we were looking at booking a dinner at Rockhouse(Pushcart). But how does Ivan's compare to Rockhouse?

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    Moso...we've skipped the Repeaters Dinner the past 2 trips to CSA...we go to the Managers Reception, then dinner elsewhere. ...we weren't thrilled with a fixed menu and tables of 10 (not our cup of tea), so you may want to consider just the reception and then Ivan's for your anniversary dinner! We will be there same time, I think..and celebrating our 1st anniversary on 4/20; got married on the CSA beach this past 4/20!

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    New to CSA - what is Ivan's? Should we go, and why?
    Todd and Mazie

    CTI - 1996 and 2006

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    Suzi- We will have to have a drink and celebrate while we are there

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    We are headed to CSA in 13 days and I booked Ivan's by email today for Sunday evening. We are there for 4 nights and don't do the beach party and often give the repeaters dinner a pass as well, though we really enjoyed it at CN last trip.

    Ivan's is a a great restaurant on the cliffs in Negril. We used to frequent Rockhouse, then Pushcart and they are both good but these days our dinner on the cliffs is at Ivans. Small, quiet, great views and we love their curried conch. Can't wait!

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    We've done Ivans and Xtabi for dinner. Both were wonderful. This year, we 've decided to LTU a try. Any opinions on LTU?

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