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    Default Horseback Riding with "Hooves" in Ocho Rios or "Rhodes Hall" in Negril?

    Recently booked my honeymoon, one week at CSS and the next week at CSA. We wantgo horseback riding and saw these two options on the couple's site when booking. Can anyone tell me what the sights are like at either one? How was the tour? Any info to help me choose which one to do. They are both $90 so looks like price went help me decide a

    Thanks in advance!

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    We had a great experience with Hooves!

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    Hi Kerrie,

    We've done both and prefer the Hooves ride over that at Rhodes Hall. The Hooves folk were much more attentive and ensured safe riding (i.e. maintaining single-file riding).

    During our ride with Rhodes Hall they allowed inexperienced riders to "bunch up" resulting in the horses biting one another...and one of the riders.

    The Hooves ride starts at the plantation and progresses down to the ocean. Along the way the guides give information on the property. During the run in the ocean the horses are not allowed to go deeper than they can stand and must remain single-file. At Rhodes Hall they had the horses swimming with riders on their backs (something the horses don't like).

    This is just our opinion of the experiences we've had but hopefully will be helpful with making your decision.

    Have a great ride!!!

    Bart & Bug

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