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    Default Duty Free On Arrival

    I can not remember, is there a chance to stop and shop at MBJ on arrival? Also, anybody seen Sangster's Rum Cream at the airport this year?

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    Duty free is only available during outbound flights. You don't even go near the area of the airport where the duty free shops are when you arrive.
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    As stated above, duty free is only in the departure side of the airport. They usually have plenty of Sangster's.

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    I believe there is now duty free available when arriving. There was a thread about this sometime ago.
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    It has been extensively reports on TA that duty free on arrival recently opened. Still waiting for an update at to exactly what they have available there.


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    Just read the thread on the Negril TA forum a few days ago. The new duty free section for MBJ arrivals is near the baggage area and was described as being about 10 feet long running against a wall. If you'd like to know more about what is sold, check out the link below. Enjoy!

    News Flash - Incoming Duty Free at Airport! - Negril Forum - TripAdvisor

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    Here is a link to a page on the MBJ airport site:

    Or go to Montego Bay Jamaica - Sangster International Airport (MBJ) and click on the link in the middle of the page

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    Ok, so we just got home last night and I thought I'd update. There is a small duty-free kiosk on arrival at MBJ, decent selection of alcohol but didn't seem to be very popular and we did not see anyone there to ring up purchases. Sangster's rum cream is available only at Sunshine Liquors when you leave, $14 for 750ml and $17 for 1L with several flavors to choose from. Best deal we could get at Time Square was $15 for the 750ml, but I was afraid we wouldn't find it at the airport on the way home and didn't want to risk it. The Wray & Nephew rum cream is widely available at the airport on the way out.

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    Thanks everyone with all the updates.

    Does anyone know if they have a wine selection?

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    NorwegianMama posted on TA that they only had one type of red and one type of white and not anything she had heard of before...


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