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    We stayed at CSA July 13 through 21 and loved it. We would agree with other reviewers who have described this resort as “understated elegance” and “Caribbean chic”. We stayed in a Premium Beachfront Suite on the second floor. The room was very simple and porch/veranda huge. We spent our early mornings and late evenings here. The beach was wonderful here under the palms and sea grapes. The water was clear and perfect. All the food that we ate at CSA was excellent from the banana stuffed French toast at Patois, to the jerk chicken and patties at the Grill, to the steak and shrimp at Feathers (oh my!), to the fish tacos at Sea Grapes, to the fine Thai meal at Lemon Grass and all the wonderful buffets at the Palms. The fitness and spa facilities across the road are something else. They offer so much! And, the people at this resort were great……..friendly and would go out of their way to help you in any way possible. There were so many wonderful people but we would like to give shout outs to a few that made our trip extra special. Ricardo, at the beach bar during our stay, was a great bartender and genuinely nice person. Sean provided the best drink service on the beach every day. How nice that was! And, Brooks at Patois was such a joy to see and have wait on us when we went there some mornings and at lunch, providing great service. We thoroughly enjoyed this resort and would return in a heart beat. It is definitely the place to relax and chill!

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    Thanks for your review! We arrive in 2 weeks and can't wait. We will be there later in the day probably around 5pm. Can you or anyone else recommend what restaurant we should have dinner in that first night??? Won't have reservations yet for Lemongrass or Feathers so Patois or palms...?

    We will be starving (?) by then.


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    Thanks for the information! We go in a month and a 1/2 and can't wait. So glad you loved it.

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    I really liked dining at Patois on our first evening there. It's a little less "hustle-bustle" than the main buffet and the other two dinner restaurants require reservations. Patois is a la carte, it has a nice open dining room and bar, and they have great wood fired pizzas and other grilled items. At least that was the case a couple of years ago, the last time I was there. Enjoy your trip!

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    Rikor -

    We love Patois - the food is great and the restaurant itself is really lovely. It's a bit quieter than The Palms, as there is no after dinner entertainment as there is at The Palms. Also, Palms at dinner seems to attract a rowdier crowd, and the service has never been great. It all depends on whether you're looking to party when you arrive, or whether you'd prefer to chill....

    And BTW - you may be able to get reservations for Lemongrass or Feathers - just check with the concierge after your never know if there was a cancellation. If you do go to Lemongrass, ask to be seated along the outside perimeter of the outdoor balcony - the vibe is really great with the giant tiki torches, the lit pool below, a nice breeze and a view of the palm trees and sound of the ocean - one of our favorite spots!!!

    Soooo jealous - have a blast!!!

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    I agree! Good review. We have 4 months to go and we can't wait. This is our first time to CSS. Last year we spent 10 wonderful days at CN and hope to have as much fun. Any more information would be much appreciated!

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    Awesome! I guess it will be Patois.

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