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    Looks like our group will be the only ones on the resort in February?! Ive been waiting to see a post started for February but nothing so i guess ill be the one to do it. My wife and I will be there for our 6th trip to CSA and we are bringing another couple. We will be there 2/15-2/22. It will be the other couples first time, so we are ready to show them a good time hopefully doing the One Love Pub crawl and what ever else they are up for. We also plan on bringing our dice and a few other games to play on the beach like KanJam! Hopefully everyone will be ready to have some fun. We are all in our late 20's. We do not plan on being romance killers but we do plan of having a good time and meeting some new friends. So, will we have the resort all to our selves or who else will be there with us?

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    Me and my wife Molly will be there 2/9 -2/21.This will be our 8th visit and are counting the days till we get back. Last year we did the pub crawl and had a great time - can't wait to do it again this time around.

    See ya in about a hundred and a half


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    My wife Anna and I (Nick) will be there from 2/19-2/27 with one other couple. We are all AO/AI veterans but CSA virgins! Anna and I honeymooned at a Sandals in Ocho "many moons" ago, and have been doing to retirement to JA since. We are all very excited!

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    My Wife Julie and I (Dan) arrive on Feb. 20th - 27th. It will be our second visit to CSA. Looking forward to some Appletons an and great time!

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    We arrive Negril on February 19th-March 2nd. It's our 7th trip to CSA and our 9th trip to a Couples resort.

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    My wife and I will be at CSA from 2/24-2/28 for our 4th annual visit. Travelling from Frederick, Md.

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    We (Julie & Mike) are arriving on the 15th from Boston for a week. My first time in Jamaica, so obviously, first time at CSA. We usually vacation in Mexico so really looking forward to trying something different. Countdown is on.....

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    We arrive 2/1, and hope to find some others staying early in the month. Although, the resort to ourselves would not be tragic. See you soon CSA!

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    Derek and Kendall Feb 6th-Feb 16th..6 time at CSA..from Wisconsin ..Name:  again.jpg
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    Our first vacation to CSA and starting to get that tropical mindset, Feb 5 - 12. Really looking forward to some warmth and a break from this 'polar vortex' Northern Indiana weather. These next 19 days are going to go by fast so I am double checking my list to make sure we have everything (basically just bathing suits and a smile). Any advice from veteran CSA vacationers would be awesome.

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    Will be arriving as first timers from 2/8 to 2/15 to celebrate our V Day anniversary!!! Any must do's would be greatly appreciate! Its been a weird winter in SC and we are ready for some fun in the sun!!!

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