This thread is to gather all questions that others would like to see answered about CTI while we're there from 18 - 27 Aug., but could be used for others in the future as a way to get answers to your questions from those on site now or in the future that you just aren't getting answers for on the message board or from staff.

Post questions here, and we'll try to get you answers while we're there. Having one place to gather these questions and provide answers will be much easier for us all. If this idea catches on it may be confusing with Q&As for all 5 resorts, so this one is specific to CTI. Others with a similar name could be started for the other resorts.

While we're there we'll look at the message board and answer what we can as best as we can, if you don't mind the answer coming from a first timer, with a first timer's point of view. Since this is our first visit, I wouldn't know what may have changed in the past year, but will give you all the details I can about anything you can give me specifics on or what to look for. Our posts should be visible around the 19th or 20th of Aug. 3 Days, 9 Hours, and 44 minutes, but who's counting?