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    Default Just got back from Barbados

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say what a fantastic week we have had in Barbados. If any of you have questions I will help if I can x

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    Tell me about your flight. What was the cost and how long did it take you to get there?

    Post pics of the resort too!

    What were the highlights of your trip?
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    What kind of off resort tours did you do? Just wondering what the best things are to do and see off the resort. Did you go to Oistins?

    Did you just use US currency?

    Was it hard to get a beach chair? like did people leave their towels out early morning?


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    I made a post recently asking some questions about the property so I have a few questions for you

    1.What kind of food is served at the beach grill?
    2.Did you take any "off resort" tours and if so what tours?
    3.What is the nicest pool?
    4.Any specialty drinks and cocktails we should know about?
    5.Any tips or advice?

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    i would like to know how the beach is, people say waves but i want to know how big/small, glad you enjoyed we are going 9-6 to 9-14 so excited!!

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    how about posting a review, my wife and I are headed there in 58 days.

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    Hi lynnee: Glad to hear you had a great time. We are going in Dec and were a little worried at first due to the negative reviews.
    Anything important we should know before we go?
    What is the story with tipping?
    Deposit at check in?
    Did you do any side trips?
    Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    Yay! We are so excited. We will be flying out next Saturday, 8/24. Please tell me all the negative reviews are not true! Also with regard to the "free money", does that apply to bookings before August 7th, but still traveling within the allotted time frame? Did you go off teh resort at all? We would like to.

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    Please post a review.

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    Thanks for posting.. Glad you had a fantastic trip. Going in December and I know I have lots of questions.. but at the moment all I can come up with is what were your feelings on the 3 different dinner restaurants? Was Dover much better than the non reservation choices? I"m sure I"ll have more questions but thats it for now! Oh.. any pictures?

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    I am interested in the following. Headed there in Nov.

    1) What if anything is in walking distance from the resort?
    2) Are there car rentals available at the resort or in walking distance?
    3) Any information on SCUBA, especially extra dives and gear?
    4) Food, especially buffet and beach food?
    5) Excursions, provided by resort or extra purchase trips?

    Thanks, Hungry for info.

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    87 days & counting down, every day is spent day dreaming.. please post some reviews to keep me hanging, thanks!

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    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for late reply I have been a bit busy, (earning money so I can return lol)

    Flights: we flew virgin from UK Gatwick it was a package deal so unsure of exact flight cost. Flights were excellent especially coming home as they upgraded us to first class, yippee

    Trips: We did the shopping trip to Bridgetown, leaflet said $10 each but for some reason we only paid $10 for the two of us, book and then pay driver. He was very nice and helpful and dropped us right outside the big department store. They also give you money off vouchers to use. We also did the catamaran cruise and swimming with turtles which was excellent and would reccommend. The monkey tour was very interesting, unfortunately no monkey for us that day but still a good tour. Mark is full of information and eager to pass it on.

    Oistins: We were due to fly home on the Saturday morning and as we know this is an alcohol based trip we cancelled it because an 8 hour flight with a hangover would not be good!

    Currency: We used all US dollars but obviously also accept Barbados dollars. Any change will be in Barbados currency. On site shops will be charged to your room.

    Pool/Beach Chairs: Plenty of chairs available and no rush to place towel in the morning. No one seemed to do that, but then again there was no need. Beach Towels always available, just help yourself from the towel hut.

    Beach Grill Food: Fries, burgers, hotdogs, chicken salad etc all very tasty

    Nicest Pool: In my opinion the nicest pool was the relaxation pool which is just in front of the spa. Most days we had it to ourselves. Ladies with treated blonde hair be careful because the chlorine sent my hair a funny shade of green. It didnt really bother me as it was faint and only really noticable if I wore white but there is stuff on the market that you can spray you hair with first, I have since found out.

    Drinks/Cocktails: Whatever you want. Most of the bartenders asked us which brand, one even said if you dont tell me you will get the local lol they are all quite entertaining. I mostly drank champagne which was lovely. As is usual all very strong!!

    Beach/Waves: The beach was lovely and kept very clean, (every morning) Waves varied depending on the weather but on the whole was ok to swim in

    Tipping: I read that this was a no tipping resort so we didnt, certainly did not get treated any different

    Deposit/check in: No deposit was asked for at check in

    3 Restaurants: I really cant say that I have a favourite they were all delicious. Service in all was excellent. Waves did buffet breakfast and lunch (too much to choose from, but I had a good go lol) but all other meals in all restaurants were waitress service and menus. All the meals I had were absolutely delicious.

    Walking Distance out of Resort: The Gap is quite close and could be walked, there are planty of bars and restuarants there. We went down and had a lovely indian in one of them, reasonably priced as are the drinks

    Car Rentals: sorry no idea

    Scuba: Again sorry no idea

    All in all our holliday was brilliant, housekeeping could not be faulted and anything you need just ask and they will sort you out. Nothing seems too much trouble. The wifi is free and available all over the resort and has a very good signal. If you want to join in the crowds you can, but equally if you want to just be on your own there are planty of places to do that too. It was our wedding anniversary while we were there so we booked the dover grill, they decorated the table for us, wrote "happy anniversary" in chocolate on my dessert plate and when the meal was over we were serenaded by a lovely young man and his guitar, it was lovely.

    I would definitely recommend this resort and look forward to returning.

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    what an awsome response - thanks for taking the time to do that.

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    lynnee... Thanks so much for the great review. I've been watching for it every day. I am so excited for our trip this October.

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    Lynnee, Thanks for the excellent review!!! We can't wait to be there!

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    Happy Belated Anniversary lynnee! Glad they made your anniversary special

    We will be celebrating a birthday and our anniversary there next month and hope to dine at the Dover Grill for our celebrations also

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    Thanks for the info. Can't wait.

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    thanks for the review!!! CB in 15 days!!!!

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