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    Default Vow Renewal @ Barbados

    Has anyone booked or done it yet? Any pointers? Thanks!

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    Bueller? ........ Bueller? Bueller?

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    You should read this from the main messageboard:

    DATE: October 18, 2013 Montego Bay, Jamaica

    On January 10th, 2013 Couples Resorts signed a lease agreement for Casuarina Beach Resort in Barbados and thereafter took over the management of the resort on Feb 10, 2013. We undertook a refurbishing and upgrading of the resort's facilities and on June 15 the resort was rebranded Couples Barbados.

    The above mentioned lease agreement included terms that allowed the Lessors to sell the property and in October 2013, they accepted an offer of purchase from a third party, Sandals Resorts Ltd. This means that Couples, despite its plans to continue for the foreseeable future as the operator of Couples Barbados, is required to cease operations as of November 6, to facilitate the transition to the new owner/operator.

    In consideration of this sudden event, Couples Resorts is offering the following options to all guests currently under deposit or paid in full for Couples Barbados:

    1. Stay at the hotel under the new ownership and management of Sandals Resorts. As you may know both Couples Resorts and Sandals Resorts offer similar vacation packages in the adult couples segment of the all-inclusive vacation market. Sandals Resorts will happily honour all services offered by Couples as part of their Luxury Included package and have agreed to honor all Couples Barbados reservations at the rates previously booked up until November 6th, 2013.

    2. Guests may elect to change reservations to any of our four Jamaica resorts. In this case, the switch will be subject to availability of the resort selected for the particular dates booked. Once the resort is confirmed, Couples Resorts will offer an immediate US$500 discount on the guest package. In addition, if the Jamaica rate in a similar room category is less than the Barbados rate, we will refund the difference in the form of an additional discount. If the rate in a similar room category is higher in Jamaica, Couples Resorts will protect the lower Barbados rate. It will be the guest responsibility to contact their travel agent or tour operator to make the necessary airline ticket changes.

    3. Guests may cancel and receive a full refund of the hotel-only portion of the stay.

    We apologize to our guests for any inconvenience and sincerely hope the above arrangements will be satisfactory.

    Please email all your questions and concerns to

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