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    Default trading places

    Do they have trading places each and every day and can this
    be booked ahead of time. thanks

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    Trading Spaces is only on Monday, Wednesday's and Friday's. Once you arrive at the resort you can book a Trading Spaces day.
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    M-w-f ,10-4 pm. Wait until you arrive to book.

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    I think it was offered 3 days per week when we were at CTI last fall. You can book trading places when you book your restaurant reservations and cat cruise after arrival.

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    Trading places is only done on certain days (can't remember which) and, we believe, you have to be there to sign up.

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    I believe it was only Teusdays and Thursdays for CTI /CSS, and it HAS to be booked ahead of time.

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    We are returning to CSS in March and was wondering, is there a limit on how many can swap on a particular day what do people do when they trade places to CTI?, what time do you leave and return?, if you are there all day do you have a room to change in etc and do you get chance to go out to the Island?, any info would be useful as we may consider doing it next time.

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    I believe it's limited to 10 couples per day.

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    I believe softtail is right - there is a maximum number of people but I've never traded places with more than a few couples.

    It was m-w-f when we were there last (May 2012) and we were always able to sign up the day before with no problem.

    It's from about 9-4 & if you get bored or want to leave early it's a very short cab ride back.

    Yes you have access to the island - and quite frankly when we do it, that's where we stay all day!

    No room so I suggest bringing a pool bag for your stuff - you don't need to bring towels as they are provided - just get them befOre you head to the island as they do not have them out there.

    It's definitely a nice change of pace and we do it every time - this year though we decided we wanted a bIt more tower island so we're doing a split stay in October.

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    You also have to be a member of Romance Rewards to take advantage of Trading Places. Just be sure to sign up for Romance Rewards well before your trip.

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    thanks for the info and I am pretty sure we will give it a go next March and yes we have signed up for romance rewards

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