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    Default Just returned and thanks to all

    We just returned from CN and it was wonderful. The only negatives were from ourselves in we should of packed more variety of footwear, our water shoes blistered us up after a day. Since the resort is small it wasn't a big deal.
    The resort and it's personnell were fabulous. I really wish I could remember the entertainment staff's names since they all made a very good expression. We were there 7/15-7/23 and was struck by their friendliness during their visits and professionalism when running the entertainment. The entertainers were all talented and we loved the local flavor.
    The food and culinary staff was awesome. The buffet food was some of the best we ever had while everything else was incredible. The bar staff was amazing in their ability to fulfill orders and remember your personal favorites.
    Our housekeeper was an expert at slipping in when we were gone and quickly servicing our room. The janitorial and grounds folk keep the place looking like the lush garden it is.
    We did get bit up by the insects despite using bug spray but we never saw or felt them and the bites never itched until we returned home to Nevada, then we both had a few bad days of needing to scratch. We did enjoy the rest of the critters from the singing birds and frogs to the shy crabs.
    Thank you for all your help and suggestions here. I can't recommend CN enough and my wife and I both look forward to our return.

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    Glad to hear you had a good time.

    Life is good

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    Yea!! Glad you had a great time. We are almost at the 30 day mark until we depart again for CSA. Glad you are home safe, now you can start planning the next trip!

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