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    Default Couples Negril Church Shuttle?

    I noticed in the social activities at Couples Negril, it mentions a church shuttle. Does the shuttle go to a local church? I thought that might be really neat to worship at a Jamaican service.

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    A bus leaves the Lobby at 9 am. It stops first at the Catholic church then some other churches. It picks you up after what ever service you go to. It is a free service. The Cathoilic church service is very joyful as are the other churches I am sure.

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    The shuttle takes you to a choice of a Catholic service and one other, both local churches. My wife goes to the Catholic service (we are Lutherans) and absolutely loves it. The people remember her from year to year and it only lasts a little over an hour or so. Can't talk about the other as we have not experienced it. There is usually a pretty good size group that goes to the services, at least in February there is.

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    We have attended mass at Gate of Heaven Catholic church in Negril for the last four years. A wonderful welcoming local community. I know there are local churches of other denominations as well. THe front desk can fill you in.

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    We used the church shuttle when we were there a couple of years ago. Assuming it is the same, they give you the option of going to the Catholic Church or the "Gospel" church. As our driver put it, the Gospel church is "a little more lively." They generally seat the tourist upstairs, and the driver tells you what time to meet him outside because he comes back before the service is over. We loved it, out of three trips to Jamaica, that remains my favorite experience.

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    It sounds wonderful. I definitely want to give this a shot. Is there any dress code?

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    We were at CN last Christmas. They had arranged a service on the property where the Preacher came, staff sang, piano playing. After, they put out coffee and treats. It was a wonderful idea and we were told they were planning to do the same this year as well. No surprise that you have an excellent holiday experience, but the Church service really made it even more special. Can't for this December!!!

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    Does anyone happen to know if we can get a shuttle/ride to a Church at all from CSA?

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    Good info, last time we ended up taking a taxi to church ! We were considering walking from CSA to the Catholic church (Mary Gate of Heaven)? this year - maybe we'll reconsider and take advantage of the couples van...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamelin View Post
    It sounds wonderful. I definitely want to give this a shot. Is there any dress code?
    You will be fine in anything you want to wear, but the locals do dress up, and we did as well. I wore a sundress, and I think my husband wore khaki pants and a polo shirt. But, as I mentioned, most of the visitors sat upstairs in the balcony, and there were plenty of people in t-shirts. However, in my opinion, it would be respectful to go a bit dressier, like you might for dinner at the nicer restaurants at the resort.

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