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    Default Weather in March

    What is the weather like in Ochi in the middle of March? Is this considered high season? Can hardly wait until March 12 at CTI. Thanks

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    March is still winter in Jamaica and they may still have snow on the ground.
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    Mbw-my fiancée and I will be there on our honeymoon march 9-16th. Maybe we will see you there. We can't wait either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    March is still winter in Jamaica and they may still have snow on the ground.
    Bwhaaaa! Hubby and I just went to CSS in mid-March. It was mid 80's with a nice breeze. Not too humid. All in all, lovely. Rained a little the day of our arrival. Was a little cloudy the next morning but by noon, the sun came out and stayed out the rest of our trip.
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    My wife and I went to CSS march 7-16 this year. The first couple days it was a little cloudy, but Saturday it cleared up nicely, and we had a beautiful sunny blue sky honeymoon. It only rained one day that I can remember, and that was only for about 10 minutes. We didn't even bother putting our clothes back on, since we were on the AN side when it happened. It was mid 80s rest of week, and down into mid 70s in the evening. A couple of the staff did make comments that it was abnormally chilly for that time of year, and I can say the same was true for us back in the states. I think this past spring was just an all over weird one, for weather conditions.

    Some friends of ours were at CSS for the week before us, and they said it was cloudy the entire time, up until that Saturday I mentioned above.

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    Thanks to everyone!

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