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    Default Anyone else struggling with trying Barbados instead of going home to Jamaica

    We're having a really hard time making the jump to try Couples Barbados. We have absolutely loved our several trips to CTI and CN.

    It would be great to try a new island, but I wonder if it just wouldn't live up to my expectations as I would constantly be comparing it to our favorite CTI. Plus is doesn't have the A/N option like CTI and CN do and while that's not an end all be all it certainly adds something to our trips.

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    I was just at CB July 6-13. We loved it as did the other couple we went with. We have been to CTI 2x before & we felt like it was similar to that. Go and have a great time. It's all what you make of it.

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    Oh & if it's possible you definitely would want an oceanfront room. They are only in block 1 but well worth every penny!!

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    Yes. We have been to CSA, CN and CSS. Going back to CN in November. Trying to figure out where to go April 2014. Been tossing Barbados around but we are just not sure. We figured going in April 2014, all the kinks will have been worked out and it would be cool to try another island. Besides JA, I've only been to the Bahamas.
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    Having the same issue, but the idea I have come up with, my wife is not going with, is to continue to go to Jamaica but also ADD a trip to Barbados for a look see. We go to CN in February and Swept Away in October, so I suggested Barbados in June so we would be at a Couples property about every 4 months. Did not fly well, but she did think about it. So maybe you can just add a trip like I have in my idea's.

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    We are feeling that too. We have not been to Barbados, but always wanted to go. Having a Couples resort there suddenly makes it all the more attractive. The barriers to us right now are the pace of bringing the resort up to Couples standards, as it seems some renovations are necessary, but also the flights.
    The cost and inconvenience of getting to Barbados from our area on the east coast are a major problem in our minds right now. Still, hope to get there eventually!

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    We bit the bullet last night and booked at CB for first week of May 2014...we didn't want to miss out on the resort credit and chance rates going up. The wife really pushed for trying something new.

    smroot: I'll try that but we're stretching it as it is to to CB.

    rhallva: I figure by next year they will be well up to couples standards. I am worried about the flights too as we are on the east coast as well and flights are not cheap out of our airport with out trying to drive to Dulles or BWI, but then you waste the time and cost of parking so it's almost a wash.

    Thanks for all the input.

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    Travel time for us is the deal breaker right now, very easy to get to MB from Va., only 4 hours with 1 stop in CLT

    All day going over and all day going back to CB and it does cost quite a bit more for us since USAir is the only carrier with multiple flights from our city.

    We have been to Barbados on a cruise several times and really liked it. We will try it soon but CTI next month for our annual visit.

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    We really want to do CB but the flights from DC are awful in terms of timing and very expensive. We hate to waste a full day -- literally -- each way traveling.

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    We thought about it for next year but the airfare and hassle of getting there was too much to deal with. We're going back to CSS for the third time instead. Not a bad decision. If the airfare and time to get there get better I'll be happy to go to Barbados. Been there once on a cruise. Beautiful place!
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    We are like rhallva. Would love to go there but after looking at the difference in prices to get there from Houston it isnt worth it. Maybe one day but as we are trying to maximize our vacation dollars these days it doesnt make since especially since we LOVE CSA so much.
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    Not after looking at airfare and flight times.

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    Thanks everyone....I had started looking at flights and was thinking that maybe it was just me thinking the flight times and costs were crazy. We typically use RIC/Richmond Int. which is usually higher to start. Even looked into driving to other airports, but I can see even those lucky enough to live in bigger cities are still getting pricey tickets. Last check here was about $700 each and that's leaving early and getting into Barbados at 9:30 and leaving barbados at 7:00am; two wasted days.

    I booked but it looks like I'll be cancelling for that and some other reasons.

    Good luck to everyone and enjoy your trips back to Jamaica.

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    After 1 trip to CN and two to CSA, we decided to book CB. While we absolutely loved both Jamaican resorts, it is time to explore another island. We have decided to spend the night before and after the trip in Miami. Our trip is not until November 2014, so haven't been able to check flight prices. No doubt - it will be more expensive.
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    The crazy thing is that from Canada its cheaper for us to fly to Barbados than Jamaica. Just paid 1085 taxes in for two in November, and we usually pay around 1200 for Jamaica.

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    I have to agree with what most people have been saying about trying the new resort.Though Barbados looks lovely the extra expense of flying and the resort itself being more costly just doesn't make it in any way attractive to us. We have been to all the other Couples resorts and for now we are contend with going to CN and CSA. Eventually we will to go back to CTI, as it was the first Couples resort we fell in love with, it has a special place in our hearts. However, for now we are completely infatuated with Negril and seeing as we vacation only once a year ,Negril is where we will continue to go........237 days and we are there!!!!

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    We love the Couples Resorts and have been to CN, CTI, and are booked for CSS in November. CB we have ruled out along with CSA so far as we enjoy the AN features of the resort. This may change in the future but for now it will keep us away from those two resort options. The hard part for us is we never have been to the same resort twice (including trips with the kids to Jamaica), we have been to Jamaica eight times now and after our November trip we will be out of Couples Resorts without doing a repeat. We will have some big decisions to make when booking our next trip!

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    Barbados intrigues us but like alot of people, the flight times are horrible. Taking two days to get there and back home? Forget it. Jim gets frustrated changing planes once with shorter layovers. Barbados may have to wait.

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    We looked hard at CB. We were unable to get an ocean room during the time we are going, so it's back to CTI. We're excited!! We had a GREAT time last time at CTI and don't regret going back at all!!!!
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