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    Hi! I just booked a week in May for my wedding/honeymoon. I have been looking through the website to find answer to a few questions, but I think i need a human touch. I have a few questions about how to properly plan my wedding.

    We know we want to get married at CSA in May, but we are trying to decide on how many guests to invite. I don't need anything fancy, the One Love package looks like just enough for us. Are we allowed to invite our own guests to this package? If so, is there a limit on how many can attend?

    There is no reception with the One Love package, so how do you celebrate? We are going to push for all guests so stay at CSA. Can we reserve room at one of the restaurants for our group? If a few guests do not stay at CSA and we get the day pass, can they participate in everything we can?

    Thank you!

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    I am also getting married at CSA in may the 25th. We were just told we will be charged $15 a guest if they are attending the wedding. They originally told us we wouldn't and now they are saying there is a fee. Did they tell you about that? We are doing the one love package and dinner reservations at one of the restaurants. No private reception..... Also just want something simple.

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    You do get a cake and bubbly little reception btw. Don't know the rules on guests but if they are staying at csa, they can come of course. There are wedding only, half day and full day passes. They can do anything but spa and cat cruise I think. Otherwise they can do and eat whatever.
    If you have a large group, I'm sure you can reserve something, That would be something to call them about ahead of time about
    It was just the two of us but have seen many groups there with coctail receptions on the beach with live music , wish we could have had friends there too

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    My fiance and I just went through this...

    We have approximately 14 people coming to CSA this December for our wedding. We are finding out that every up-charge is EXPENSIVE considering what was being asked for, i.e. $15-20/customized cupcake, ordered in an increment of 20, a upgraded bouqet using native flowers for the bride $200... !!!

    We asked about the guests being present as well.

    Originally they told her that in order to even have guests present for the ceremony, it was $15/person. I thought this was ridiculous considering how much people are already spending for their stays. We got on the phone with the Wedding Manager (I'd have to look up her name) and explained the situation. We were then told it was $15/person to have each people have cake and champagne immediately after the ceremony. We asked if this was an option or if it is set in stone. They said they assume everyone would want this because they want the weddings to "be" a certain way. If you press, you shouldn't be obligated to do the $15.

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    When we renewed our vows at CSA we need to pay $15 per person if we had more then 10 guest attending. Which made sense because the package we picked was for 10 guest. If this is a new charge I wonder if it is to help keeping the number of guest people invite down. Not that anyone on this MB is guilty of it, but sometimes large groups of people can interfere with other guest vacations.

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    Our guests are all staying on the resort too so its weird that we have to pay for them to watch us get married on the beach. What day is your wedding? Ours is at 4pm on the 25th of May

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