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    Default Resort capacity of TI

    Hey guys! We are getting married at TI in May. We are in the process of sending out save the dates. We are hoping to have at least 30 people attend, but some of our VIPs haven't made reservations yet. It's making me a little nervous. Does anybody know if it'll be ok? I don't want them to book and find out the resort is full.

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    We are getting married December 14th at CSA. We sent out our Save the Dates almost 2-3 months ago and our invitations over a month ago? We were expecting to have enough time to get the majority of the people we wanted to be there booked, but several weeks back we noticed that booking sites were not showing as much availability. Within a week, it became a scramble to even get her Mother booked because they seriously only had about 3 rooms left. We were caught flat-footed and now my best man isn't even able to come.

    My advice - send everything out as fast as humanly possible, especially if your date is in peak season. You can check sites or call Couples directly to see what availability remains.

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