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    Default CN July Scuba video

    We stayed at CN from July 12th-19th. We dove from the 14th-17th and got our AOW certification with Richard during this time. Richard is awesome as was everyone in the dive shop. This is a video that I put together of our dives. This was our first trip to a Couples resort, we went with our neighbors and loved every second even with the airlines losing our luggage and missing a day and a half of diving because of that it was still great. We plan to return in 2015 and can't imagine going anywhere else. Hope you enjoy the video.

    I am starting to work on a video of everything else we did on our trip and that one actually includes the wives, but since they don't dive they didn't make the cut on this one. Also starting to work on a review that I hope to post yet this month.



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    What kind of camera did you use for diving? I loved the video! Thanks for sharing!

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    Emjoyed diving with you guys, loved the video too. Allen and Cindy from Alabama.

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    I loved your video! Thanks very much! I used to dive on every trip to Jamaica (or anywhere warm!) but have an ear problem now that takes the joy out of it. This only makes me enjoy someone else's dive video all the more. Anyone who has not tried Scuba is missing out on a truly great life experience. I haven't been diving in over 3 years now and I will say that one thing that seems to have changed is that we used to avoid poking the sea life with sticks. Every Dive Master sees this differently I guess.
    Thanks for the great video!

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    I'm also interested in the camera type -- looks like a GoPro. What type of mount did you use? I was considering this camera with a wrist mount, but unsure how this would work. Any advice appreciated.

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    Most of the video is from a GoPro Hero 2, some of the video comes from my buddies point and shoot Nikon waterproof camera. Not sure the model number but it was only good to 60 feet so he didn't take it on most dives.

    Allen and Cindy, thanks we really enjoyed diving with you and everyone else while at CN, and I think Cindy made it into the video a couple of times.

    I could see how the video might make it look like Richard was annoying the sea life, but I really never had that feeling while it was going on. He would usually try to get whatever to come out of its hole so everyone could see it then he would leave it alone. I never felt like it was harassment. Also try to remember that this is 6 dives over 4 days and clips at that. I thought Richard showed a tremendous amount of care for the sea life while I was there, heck I even saw him send one diver up because the guy couldn't stay off of the reef that or the guys just didn't care. Anyway glad you liked the video.

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    It is a GoPro Hero 2, the 3 was really buggy when I was deciding but when we go back I think I will trade up. I used a Sea Life monopod as a mount for all of the Scuba video. The video that my buddy shot was all done with a point and shoot that he had on a wrist strap that doubled as a float in case it slipped loose. If you look close during the sped up navigation dive you can see my set up as I simply let go of it and the monopod and camera just hung loose. It has a clip on a long lanyard that I had clipped into one of the D rings on my bcd. Also at the beginning of the video the photo of me from above you can see the monopod and GoPro hanging off my bcd.

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    Thanks for the reply! I do see the monopod in the video now that you mention it. I think I will be investing in one of these. Looks like it worked well and didn't get in the way of the dive.

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    Thank you so much for posting this! We just bought the GoPro Hero 3 and I was hoping it was a good choice. I'm so glad I found this! We are going to try scuba for the first time at CSS in two weeks and I'd love any tips on using the camera, especially mounting it so we can be hands free. Thanks!

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