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    Default March 12-19, 2014

    Only 214 days to CTI. Can anyone comment on the weather in March? In your opinion which do you prefer: Deluxe ocean rooms or Premiere ocean?

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    My fiancée and I will be there from March 9th-16th, 2014 on our honeymoon. Can't wait. 200 days exactly. Lol. Sorry can't help with the questions cause we have never been there before.

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    Hi MBW we are booked to go in march for our first ever visit to the Caribbean 10-24 MRch. We are from the UK though and would rather like hear from fellow UK traveller to this wonderful destination. Hopefully whilst we are there we may get to meet and share a cocktail with you ��

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    Our 5th visit in typically beautiful this time of year :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronsuefan View Post
    Our 5th visit in typically beautiful this time of year :-)
    Well.. maybe I'm a little biased, but i think March is the IDEAL month to go. We went mid-March last year (and are considering this one) and the weather was amazing every single day. There were NO red flag day and not a single, infamous "jamaican sun shower." I think the only day the weather was weird was the first day we arrived. We didnt get to the resort until about 2pm, but the waves were a little choppy and it was a bit windy but not much. People were still out in the water and everything was business as usual. I even heard that the weeks before and after we were there they had red flags and wind. Not say that it won't happen, but i think the weather (GLOBALLY) is more predictable during March and its a good 'in-between' seasons time.

    MARCH IS THE MONTH TO GO! dont fret.

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