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    Default Pub Crawl August 28th... Interested?

    Hi Everyone! There are 8 of us so far and looking to see if anyone else wants to join for the Pub Crawl from CN. It is our first time going but everything we have heard about it has be great. The bus ride is free except for tipping the driver (Lenbert) and your drinks at the local bars we visit. The bus is picking us up at 2:20 on the 28th and returns after watching the sun set at the last bar. I thought it would be a good way to see a little of Jamaica and enjoy meeting new friends. Lenbert's e-mail is just make a reservation and let us know you are coming so we can watch for you.
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    2 weeks before we arrive at CN!!! There are 8 of us so far going for the pub crawl on the 28th. It should be a great time join us if you can!!!

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