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    Default Atrium Suite question

    I've been reading that there are two different kinds of atrium suites. I read a post where someone said that there are atrium suites that are more on the beach but have a smaller veranda and no hammock. I think we really want to stick with the traditional atrium suite, but can someone shed some light on the differences between these two types and which one they prefer. Also any suggestions for a particular atrium suite that you love? We may try to request a room at checkin.

    Thanks for all your help, 4 weeks exactly!!!!


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    There is really just one type of atrium suite. There are a few that are on the back side of the premier beachfront suite that are called atriums, I am guessing do to their location. Imho those should be in a differant category; guessing because there are just a few of them they put them in the atrium category. Now we feel any room at CSA is a good room but those room would be a bit of a disappointment; love my hammcock!!!!!!

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    Big, BIG Shout out to Gianni, Stephen, Adrian, Renaldo, Shaneeka, and Princess from Couples Barbados. Gianni and Stephen work the beach so hard! Adrian- friendly and welcoming. Shaneeka lovely waitress with a beautiful smile, Renaldo and Princess- good taste in music - thanks for the service! Safe, pure niceness.Attachment 21050

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    Redinthehead is absolutely right about the so called Atrium suites by the Beachfronts. A few years ago we were given those rooms. While they were pretty close to the beach not what we had booked. Booked Atrium for the hammocks and a true atrium room. If you should get one of those it is up to you. Either accept it or say you want an atrium room with the hammock.

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    Here are a few pics so you can see what the balcony looks like in the "other" Atrium suites. We were in a "real" Atrium in 05/2006. In 04/2013 we were in one of the after-thought Atriums. The room itself was fine. But the balcony was.......well........look at my pics !!

    At check-in I did ask for a real Atrium suite, but the only one available was a 1st floor one near the Palms. We chose to keep 2233. The view was gorgeous, as it was almost right on the beach. And, we were there w/ 2 other couples so we were hardly in our room at all. If we were there just the 2 of us I would have tried harder to get a real balcony. Besides the size of our balcony, there was no shade out there either, or cover from rain.


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    Jackie - thanks so much for the great pictures!! This really helps to clarify the differences between the rooms. I thought the location to the beach/view might be enough to cover the loss of the hammock but after seeing your photos, I will definitely request that we get the traditional room I am going during low season so I'm sure it won't be an issue, however better to be prepared right? Thanks again!

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    It's not an Atrium suite without a hammock, as far as we're concerned. We prefer any surrounding the wedding gazebo grounds.

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