8 shorts days until our first trip to Jamaica (happy dance) and I want to make sure we are prepared with proper amount of cash or other forms of gifting. The following are the folks who I think I know to bring cash for:

-Baggage Handler at airport
-Driver for Airport Transfers
-Cat Cruise Guys
-Spa people if we use it
-Anything Off resort (lenbert for our one love pub crawl on 8/21 - hope to meet some of you there!)

-Couples Lounge at Airport
-Watersports at the resort?? My husband will be getting scuba certified while we are there and he'll probably dive everyday that he can. Are the boats that take people out for diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, etc ran by couples employees or should I plan enough cash for him to provide a daily tip?

I've read that if I leave a token of appreciation for housekeeping or a favorite bartender that I should leave a note stating that intention. I would hate to leave anything that was offensive by being too cheesy or impractical. I hear people say they bring chocolates. Any other suggestions for easy to bring items that would be appreciated by these hard workers. I worked as a server and bartender through college and a few years after, so I want to show appreciation. I do love the true no tipping policy because I spent about $300 in tips last AI I went to in Mexico. I look forward to being able to save some money and have no worries about finding places to stuff wet bills lol. I loved the place and the workers were deserving, but anytime I didn't have a few dollars on me I felt so guilty. Anyways, I appreciate any insight on what you've been told is appreciated.