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    Quote Originally Posted by dank120 View Post
    I applaud your goodwill, and would like to make two points...

    1) Shellian and Hytasha both told us that the chocolates we left made their day, and this was confirmed by their assistant manager, Cleo, who we sat with at the Repeater's Dinner. I believe the first barb was thrown in assuming that's condescending.

    2) A lot of people bring, or purchase while there, more valuable items for specific staff or people they've met outside the resort, including us. Some more useful to their specific career or needs (dive computers, cocoa butter for callused hands, clothing for their children, etc.), instead of broad stroke items, like lotions or pencils. I'm just not going to pat myself on the back for doing so. The chocolates are still a nice gesture for housekeeping and a lot of people do it for that very reason. The bigger the gift does not mean the bigger the heart behind it.

    And, I've never heard of a stuffed duffel bag being used to define a "responsible tourist", but to each his/her own...
    I've done 9 of those repeater dinners. Sat with both the staff from the US side, and the Jamaican side. Staff there are some of the best people I have met at any hotel, hence the continual return. That said, they are consummate customer service reps, and would not sit at a dinner table with people who pay thousands to return year after year to tell them anything they do is not appreciated. How long do you think anyone in their position (couples or any hotel for that matter) would keep their job if they bad mouthed the efforts of the guests to show some sort of appreciation to the staff.

    The condescending statement was prefaced with a statement saying they are my own opinions, but... I understand, it is more fun to attack just bits and pieces of a post. I get it.

    I had much, much more to say on the subject, and the whole idea of perception, but it's like the old adage of arguing on the continue to read what you will into the post, picking and choosing what makes you feel best... I honestly don't care. Hope you have a great trip, and remember to wrap up your chocolate so it does not draw bugs or melt on your clothes.

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    Since I work with a lady who grew up in Ochi, I recently asked her opinion and she said definitely scents for the ladies, much more expensive to get there. I'm taking school supplies for their children. I'll use the space and weight to bring back whatever I buy from vendors. Tipping has pretty well been covered. I care too much about these people who take such great care of me at my home away from home to put them at risk witha cash gift but I want to do something extra for the ones who do so much extra for me.

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    We are making our 3rd trip in a couple weeks- and have a stupid question or two regarding the gifting situation. To me, the staff responsible for making up our room -are like Batman- they come in and fix us up, doing a spectacular job working around our stuff-- and yet ive never seen them ! We tend to spend the entire day at the beach. If we are there for 8 nights, approximately how many people will be responsible for our room during that stay- are there 2 staff members per room? do they change every day ? We are trying to put a several "goodie" bags of cosmetic and beauty supplies- but if we leave one each nite- is the same gal going to be there every nite?
    In addition, does anyone tactfully do similar things for the ladies waiting tables throughout the day at the various dining options ? Some of the relationships we have enjoyed the most have been these people- and yet it would seem awkward to be taking little gifts to them- and would they get in trouble if we do ? any thoughts would be appreciated. mike

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    Sorry to hijack your post christianautumn! Remember, if you do bring chocolates for the housekeeping staff, which they enjoy, be a "responsible tourist" and wrap your chocolates so they don't melt on your clothes or draw bugs. LOL.

    On a serious side note, when people complain about ants in the bathrooms at CN, it's all too often, because they leave a sugary drink sitting on the sink, especially one that has had some of the beverage on the side of the glass. (e.g. Miami Vice, Hummingbird, Pina Colada, etc.) Believe it or not, they attract bugs just like anywhere else in the world. The same goes for candy. If you do bring candy for the staff, we always find the best place to store it is on the shelf next to the mini-fridge by the wine bottles in a Ziploc bag and have had no problems. When we leave the treats out for the staff, we set them on the counter below the TV with a nice little note to show our appreciation. I would highly recommend against leaving anything food items on the bathroom counter. Just a tip to avoid any hassles!
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    Mike&Sylvia, I have the same questions as you! I was going to make it a point to try and meet the housekeepers this time since I don't normally (although I've never been to Couples). Leaving a a little thank you baggie for a server or bartender seems more awkward. Cheesey or not, I know I appreciate when my clients make small gestures for me so I decided to pick up a few things (mini candy bars, small hand lotions, lip balm, and I have some of my Mary Kay frangrance and lip gloss samples) and see if the opportunity presented itself to share.
    Also, since no one specifically addressed the water sports crew and the boat they take you out on, I assume no tips are allowed there.
    I did pick up a little bit in the way of school supplies that I assume I can leave with the front desk(?) Gosh now I just have to figure out how to pack everything. 2 more days!!

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    When I'm there I tip everyone a few bucks goes a long way for these hard working folks

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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLYBOY View Post
    When I'm there I tip everyone a few bucks goes a long way for these hard working folks
    You shouldn't do it for the resort staff. They'll likely be terminated if they're caught accepting a tip. Several have told me so, and I don't know why they'd say it if it wasn't true.

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    FYI, I had the airport transfer guy refuse a cash tip once explaining he was a Couples employee. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLYBOY View Post
    When I'm there I tip everyone a few bucks goes a long way for these hard working folks
    So, you're starting the riot?

    Your inability to follow a RULE jeopardizes their living. Why? So you can feel like a baller-on-a-budget sliding a buck to someone?

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    Yes, the airport transfer drivers are Couples staff and you are not required to tip them. There was a statement from Randymon once about this, not sure if it's in the archives. Many people do tip them and they are probably the highest paid at that point as many do three round trips in a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun n sand View Post
    Yes, the airport transfer drivers are Couples staff
    Incorrect. They are hired by Couples but are licensed JUTA (or the other org) drivers.

    Tip them.

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    I'm a multi repeater, and I've never seen a post about the shuttle drivers being couples employees. They don't wear couples uniforms. I'd like some clarification from Irie1.

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    Airport drivers are not Couples employees and can accept tips.

    Tips are already included in your room night rate and are distributed among employees.
    Irie i
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    Thanks for clearing that up Irie

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    So you can feel like a baller-on-a-budget sliding a buck to someone?
    Really? Why be so rude? This comment wasn't really needed to get your point across….

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    This always makes for an interesting topic on the message board. The year we were married at CSS I brought an entire suitcase full of items (to the frustration of my husband who had to lug said suitcase around) to give to those that helped us with the wedding. I gave away gift bags full of items. This was working out great until our housekeeper thought that every bag was hers and actually took some that were for others. The staff that received these gifts were thrilled but I ended up spending a good part of my vacation worrying about who was going to get what. I have since decided (to the relief of my husband) that I'll bring a couple of items for housekeeping and that's it. I gave our housekeepers last year some earrings, lip gloss and an inexpensive watches. They seemed thrilled and pointed out that they were wearing them the next day. I ALWAYS put it in a bag with a written note that I gave them these items as a thank you. To those who bring chocolates...I'm with you. Who doesn't love chocolate!

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    Could we get the incorrect post by Sun n sand removed? You know how confusion gets started.

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    Just want to agree with Bert about beach performers. At first we forgot to bring cash to the beach and we met Donnavon. After that we looked forward to hearing him each day and always had a few bucks as that is his only income from his performances.

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    Ok so we are going in March to CN never been to Jamaica so I am very confused about the tipping. You don't tip anyone at the resort Bartenders Ect. That is so weird we have gone to so many other countries Mexico, Costarica. It will be very strange not tipping when getting a drink. But do we tip the transfer people???

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    nls--Tipping is not allowed for resort employees such as bartenders; however, you can tip the men who take your bags to the shuttle at the airport, the shuttle driver, spa staff, and catamaran staff since they are not Couples' employees. If you go off resort you will want to tip any taxi driver and your tour/excursion staff. Have fun!

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    Thank you!!!

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