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    Default Reception at home????

    Is anyone having anything when they get back home? In my case, both sets of parents feel we should have something when we get back to include all the family and friends that couldn't attend our wedding in Jamaica. We are struggling with what to have. My fiancé and I wanted an "Open House" style BBQ where people can come in and out, but our parents are REALLY pushing for a reception w/ sit down dinners and all that jazz. I thought the point of Destination Wedding was to save money and get away.

    Sooooo, my question to all the brides out there is: what are you doing when you get back home? Are you having any sort of gathering, party, full reception and if so, can you share your ideas b/c we are really struggling. Thanks everyone and good luck!

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    I'm in the EXACT same boat as you! We are getting married in Novemeber and having a reception in December for friends and family. Originally, when we rented the hall by our house, we had planned on having what an "open house" style reception w/ BBQ, beer, dancing, etc. But our parents all said the same as yours and are pushing us to make it more formal, which I would love but just as you said, we're not saving very much money. After everything is said and done with food, DJ, decorations, and alcohol we'll spend about another $2000 on a small reception.

    We were able to get our parents to help though by making a broken up list of all the expenses for the reception and pretty much said, "if you guys want us to have a formal reception so bad, then you guys need to pitch in or we're going back to our way." They took the list my family decided to pay for the catering and his family is helping with the alcohol and DJ which pretty much only leaves us w/ decorations and other small stuff. Also, if you're trying to save money, you should look on Craigslist. There's tons of women who have gotten married over the summer and are selling all their decorations they're not going to use again. Just a thought...

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    We are getting married in Jamaica October 24th and having a dinner celebration when we get back. I didn't want it to be a reception and that's why I wrote dinner celebration on the invitations. Well it's not turning into that with a DJ, favors, and everything else. When we chose to get married in Jamaica that was the point to save money, because we are in the process of buying a house.LOL We rented a room at a restaraunt and we are having a sit down dinner. You need to do what you want and don't be presssured into anything else like we were. I feel by having this party they think I'm just asking for money!!! Good Luck

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    We were married at COR/CTI in 2001. When we came home a couples days later we had a reception, open bar, cocktail hour, dinner, DJ, favors, etc. I sent out the invitations a month before we were married. I also had family members wanting a reception even tho it was a second marriage for both of us.

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    We are getting married in March, 2010 in Jamaica and for the same save money! (and because it's soooo beautiful!) So we had the same dilemma when thinking of what to do when we got back. We don't know anyone with a huge home/backyard to impose on

    My sister suggested a campground in our area, it's around $60 to rent the space for the whole day! It includes park like tables with benches, nothing fancy but it's not about that anyway, they even have a way for us to project our pictures on a large screen so everyone can enjoy them and feel like they were a part of it even if they couldn't come!

    We will have it in the afternoon so we will only serve appetizers, I don't think the park allows alcohol so that's a great excuse!

    My sister's going to decorate with japanese lanterns and things like that to make it look nice. I really just want something big enough to hold all the people on the guest list, show them pictures so they feel they got to somewhat share the experience with us, and not spend thousands of dollars!! And I feel the campground is a great way to achieve all that!

    Just a suggestion, good luck with what you decide!

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    We got married at CSS back in August and we are having a celebration this weekend. (CSS was amazing, by the way) Our party is very casual- at my parents house. Like an open house with lots of food and just hanging out. We will have our video of the ceremony playing along with a slideshow of pictures from the trip. I am really looking forward to having a laid back party that we can celebrate with our friends and family. Good luck with whatever you chose!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ambest View Post
    Is anyone having anything when they get back home? In my case, both sets of parents feel we should have something when we get back to include all the family and friends that couldn't attend our wedding in Jamaica. We are struggling with what to have. Thanks everyone and good luck!
    Friend oh ours had a similar situation here is what they did

    -They informed both set of parents that the destination wedding was selected for specific rfeason

    - they politely informed both set of parents that an additional reception would be GREAT however it was not in the orginal plan/budget

    - inform the parent you would love to attend just let us know when and where
    if the parents want it more then you do great let them throw a party it will make them feel good and you dont need to stress over something you are not motivated to provide

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    we are getting married in Dec. at CSA. Our plan is to wait until the spring/summer and have a BBQ at a casino in a park (we live in WNY and weather is so uncertain). We are also planning to play our wedding DVD so that family can feel like they were part of it and show our pictures. We just really wanted something laid back like we are. Also buy doing it on our own we can make sure that the vegetarian friends get what they want as well. Ultimately it should be what you want and you will never please everyone - not that we all dont wish we could! Good Luck and remember that your wedding will be laid back and all about the two of you and isnt that the reason you are getting married this way anyway?

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    We are gettiing married at CN on 7/15/10 and planning a causal open house at our house August 21st.

    Our house is nothing too big 1800 sq.ft and on 0.6acres. Our house we bought last year, and acutally still has A LOT that we really need to fix. But oh well, its all about being with the people we love, so all and all it doesn't matter what we need to fix still in our house ya know.

    We are actually going to end up having TONS of people invited prolly 350+, but were planning a causal all day open house, so hopefully it should all work out with everyone coming/going all day long.

    we have big families, and most have already offered to bring a dish. Then we plan to just get a bunch of beer kegs.

    we hope to get a bouncy thing for the kids if we can find a place to put it...???

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    We got married at CN in July and had a reception when we got back. It was in my mom's backyard (she put a lot of work into it over the years with a beautiful deck, pond, and garden). Even though it was a small backyard, we managed to have about 75 people attend. We found a small german bakery to make a nice three-tier cake, and I added orchids myself because it was much cheaper than anywhere else. All in all, it turned out great. It was wonderful because it was laid-back and everyone could focus on enjoying themselves. Afterwards, everyone we talked to said it was great. It was much cheaper than having a formal dinner too. I was really glad that we didn't spend very much and still had a nice celebration with our families.

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    Default Pig Roast at Home

    We're getting married at CN on 6/12/10 and are having a home reception on 7/31/10. We're renting out the neighborhood pool that I went to growing up, having a DJ, and catering with a pig roast. Everything is going to be pretty casual, with plenty of red stripe and rum punch - just basically a big party to celebrate.

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