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    I was just wondering if anyone had a steel drum band for their wedding.
    I'm sure I have seen it on the site before, but can't find it now, but can you arrange the steel drum band through the hotel and how much does it cost?

    Kirsty & Dave

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    Kirsty - I let Debbie know via email that I would like the steel drum band for my 6/12/10 wedding and she is setting it up. I believe for a 3-person steel drum band it's $400?

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    I have been looking online n wasnt able to find the prices, but i love the thought of having the band!
    Are you having many guests, as it is only us and my parents and i know that we will be going off for photos afterward and wasn't sure how long the band play for. Maybe I will be better off emailing the wedding coordinator too!

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