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    Default Single Digit Countdown is finally here!!

    I have been reading through the message board and gazing at pictures for almost a year now and we are finally in the single digit count down for our honeymoon (and first trip) to CSA!! We have booked the Beachfront suite in the older section and also reserved a private dinner to celebrate. So, any last minute advice, suggestions, packing tips, or even pictures to help pass the hours for us newbie’s?

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    Have a great trip, I know you will

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    yay congrats for you guys! My husband and I will be there 8/17-8/24 so maybe we'll see you around! It'll be our 2nd anniversary while we're there. I have been looking at forums here and on tripadvisor and watching youtube videos in my free time to try and will it closer. Can't wait!

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    Christianity's, we will also be there those same dates! Hope you enjoy your anniversary! Maybe we will run into you guys! Only a few days now!! :-)

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    Only 12 more long days til we get back to cti!

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    Cdawn, we're doing the one love bus bar crawl on weds 8/21. Have you guys thought about that? Sounds like fun and a cool way to tour some authentic places in negril.

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    Hubby and I are there from 8/20-27. We can't wait! Both of us are excited and a little nervous. I have been engrossed in the message board and TA pics since January. First big trip for us after 13 years of marriage! We also are doing the One Love buss pub crawl on Wed 8/21. I am sure this trip will be nothing less than the best! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

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    Hi! My husband and I will have been married 7 yrs in Sept but going to CSA 8/20-27. We were supposed to have a couple friends with us but they aren't coming anymore. 18 months of planning, this is our 2nd time at CSA, and I'm hoping to make friends while on this trip! Hope to see you guys there! Also, do you know where I can find the activities list (like the gambling night, party at the bar, etc.?). I'm also searching if there is a washer for our use... Thanks!

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