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    Default Couples Lunch Tote

    I am sitting at my desk eating my boring lunch but can console myself my looking at my Couples lunch tote that I got in April as part of my "parting gift". So even though it is raining here the Couples logo helps me remember sitting on the AN beach, sipping a drink and enjoying the sunshine. Only 184 more days until I am home again!

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    Our departing gift at CSA last March was in a paper bag.....No lunch tote

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    We got the tote too, back in 2011. Always reminds me of "home" ...and the lady who ran up to us with it as we boarded the bus... like kids who forgot Mom's lunch.

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    We had been to Couples seven times and have never received a parting gift. I had to ask for our gift a couple weeks ago. Not that I really wanted the tote. I was just curious as to why they donít offer to give them out. They should be given out if they are part of the rewards program.

    Life is good

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    My wife and I carry lunches to work in ours as well, we have several, and I can't speak for her, but I know it always makes me smile when I see the logo.

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    Love my tote, take my lunch in it everyday!!! Just about falling apart...time to get out a new one!!

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