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    Default Questions for anyone who has been to COUPLES BARBADOS

    1.What kind of food is served at the beach grill?
    2.Did you take any "off resort" tours and if so what tours?
    3.What is the nicest pool?
    4.Any specialty drinks and cocktails we should know about?
    5.Any tips or advice?

    34 Days!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOO excited!!!

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    6. Which if any of the restaurants are air conditioned?
    7. Can anyone post SCUBA experience?
    8. Are rental cars available at the resort / has anyone rented one?

    Thanks also!
    90 days, but still counting.

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    I would also love to read some reviews from CB - there have not been many on the message board.
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    I am here right now, but leave Couples tomorrow and the island Tuesday....

    NO restaurant is A/C because NO restaurant is fully enclosed. It is all open air covered restaurants, but none with walls. There are plenty of ceiling fans and most of the time you are still comfortable.

    The Waves restaurant is the main place to eat - buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, and dinner is either menu or buffet (depending on the day of the week). Generally, good food

    Yes Please is my favorite place for dinner. During the daytime (and lunch), it is a veggie bar/restaurant, but they serve meat at night. If you go there for dinner on Thursday or Friday get the Chicken with the Mango sauce ---- MMMMMMM!!! Repeater Dinner is here on Tuesday.

    Then there is Dover, the "fine dining" place, reservations needed. We did it one night just to do it but didnt make repeat reservations.

    And during the daytime and overnight is the "Pool Grill" - burgers, jerk chicken, hot dogs, fries.

    Rental Car: if you want a rental car during your stay, I recommend using Express Rental right down the road from Couples. Very friendly staff and great pricing. When we first got to the island, we used Direct (EZ car rental) at the airport, and they were good too. But GPS are primitive on the island and most locations and not preprogrammed into them. Still get one, but use the internet/Google Maps to get the coordinates of where you want to go, and then use those as your destination. Driving this island is easier than in Jamaica but there are still some tight spots.

    The Dive Shop, the place Couples has partnered with is amazing! My husband is PADI certified, and he had no problems doing his dives - just sign up at least a day in advance to get your "voucher" from the tour desk. I am not certified and I went to The Dive Shop to do a "Discover Scuba Dive", it was about $100 USD. I had a one-on-one teacher session with John and he was very good. Went slow, answered all my questions and was professional. When it came time to do the dive, he held onto my arm or hand the whole time and made sure I was having a good time. Couldn't ask for nicer staff there!

    There is a Facebook GROUP (not a page) entitled Couples Barbados where people are posting on, check it out.

    Nicest Pool depends on what you want - calm/quiet/empty: dog bone; not busy with a small bar nearby: pool by the spa; bar and fun laughs: pool bar (Stephan & Ricardo are my fav bartenders!); bar and food nearby: other half of the main pool.

    We havent done any tours, yet. ... Thinking about doing the Segway tour on the northern side of the island on our own. We did Oistins but I really wasn't that impressed, I think the chicken at Yes Please was better, and my husband compared the fish to a Long John Silvers/fast food fish, but it is an experience - especially on a Friday night.

    I have been very pleased with CBD during our stay (10 nights) and would come back again for sure. I have no true complaint for the hotel staff. I wish the water was as calm as the west coast of Barbados or as Jamaica, but they can't control that Our room was cleaned and turned down, no problems. Mini bar more than fully stocked.

    I imagine I will post hundreds (probably literally!) photos in the next week or so to my personal Facebook page. Feel free to send me a friend request at (just include a note, even if it goes to Other folder, I will see it).

    Going to Lime for a bit before dinner,
    Kelly Clark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan View Post
    I would also love to read some reviews from CB - there have not been many on the message board.
    Plenty of reviews on Trip Advisor ... Generally showing a struggling transition with a sure and steady acceleration to the high quality synonymous with the Couples brand!

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    Sympa - Thanks! I just joined the Couples Barbados Facebook group. Also discovered a Barbados group that has great information about the island. Great reading!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Sympa...Thanks for the great review. We have been so disappointed that there have not been many. We are going this October. We were at CN over July 4th this year. According to your facebook info, it looks like you breed Shelties. We do not breed them but we have had Shelties for the past 35 years. We have 3 right now. We just had to put one to sleep right before we left on vacation. She was just 12 yrs old but was not doing well. I still haven't gotten over her loss. This is the first time after losing one of our babies that we haven't gone out to look for another one. This time there is nothing to fill the void. Anyway, trying to concentrate on our CB trip.

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