As those of you who follow us know, our pricing philosophy is different from some of our competitors. We believe in providing the very best deal and benefits to those who book the furthest in advance.

Many of you have taken advantage of this philosophy for 2014 travel already. Not a big surprise, really, as our Love Away Plan and Best Deal Guarantee make it easy and risk free for you to plan so far in advance.

You also know that we have distinct booking windows that expire. TODAY is another such expiration date.

This time, due to such buoyant demand, rates for 2014 travel will be increased more aggressively than in the past, but still may be less than some of our friendly competitors. Further, for much of the winter months, the $300 resort credits will disappear.

So don't say I haven't warned you. BOOK YOUR 2014 TRAVEL TODAY to save the most $$ and still get resort credits. You Snooze, You Lose.