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    Default Rebooking at the resort?

    Is there any advantage to booking another vacation while still at Couples Tower or should we just keep a look out for a sale? We wouldn't be going back until the end of July early August.


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    rebook on the website for next year now, the rates are going up aug 15th, and the resort credit is going by by as well is what randymon posted yesterday. You can always do the love away plan cost you $100 bucks down and a $100 a month, plus you get the low price guarantee.

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    Its more of a timing issue. The best sales happen really early (12-18 months prior to your trip usually). Randymon just mentioned that the early bird booking deal for next year is about to become much more expensive effective August 15. If you are at the resort now, I would book there. If you are home now, I would book from home.

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    Sorry-important oversight, the 14th is the last day to book at the currently available low rates, rates will have gone up on the 15th.

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    You would have to book on-line. I do not think they will book at the Resort so there is no advantage. It is not like a cruise.

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    Unfortunately, there is no on-site incentive to book a future vacation before you leave the resort. It would be a good promo program though.
    Here is a previous thread where it was discussed.

    Enjoy your vacation!

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