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    Default How do you pass the time??

    Not while you're there, but all those days standing between you and your vacation? I have 179 days to go. I've been reading the message boards constantly. I've looked at all the resort pictures I can find online. I've asked countless questions of friends who have been to Jamaica. What else can I do?!

    Oh, and the end-of-season clearance sales are coming. Any shopping tips before summer stuff becomes hard to find?

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    Ditto. Read the boards, spend time at our lake house up north....this will be our first trip to Couples, if all goes as planned we will be returning 2 x per year

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    watch youtube videos that people have posted about there vacation to a couples resort is a option

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    I also have my pandora radio filled with anything and everything jamaican, as well as the tune-in radio app, so you can listen to the jamaican radio stations live.

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    We've been counting down since last July and are finally down to 55 days! Lots of message board reading and picture and you tube videos.

    Definitely do some summer shopping now! Its a great time to get good deals on swim suits and dresses. I love maxi dresses for Jamaica. Also a good time to get shorts and summer tops.

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    Re: Sales - By shorts and swimwear

    Re: passing time: my hubby and I have started listening predominently to reggae, looking at the message board, looking at the 3d panaramic views of CTI online and praying the days go a little faster! I also google articles on places to go and tour when in Jamaica. Travel channel island episodes help too.

    24 days 22 hours 30 minutes to our island paradise.

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    dream about the trip. that's what I've been doing. 115 days to go.

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    All of the above :-) plus reading books about Jamaica. Don't get mad, Get even is a short and interesting read. I'm also learning Patios. There is a book for Kindle on how to speak it.
    CTI- December 2010
    CN- December 2013

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    Turn your backyard into mini couples. Jerk something, rum, reggae et al.

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    I agree, I'm on the boards daily and I have found a couple of videos on YouTube and put them on my Facebook page and watch them. A little Bob Marley always helps too.

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    For shopping, it is good to have three bathing suits since you essentially live in them on resort and they don't dry very quickly in the humidity. Also, cool, pretty, summer dresses and light comfortable pants and shirts (cotton, linen or silk) for men are great for being comfortable and looking good for dinner and nights out and end of season sales are the time to get them. :-)

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    These are great ideas! Keep 'em coming!! I hadn't thought about YouTube videos - AWESOME! It makes it so much more real to see actual videos! I'm making lots of lists too - shopping lists, packing lists, to-do lists, etc. I listen to Pandora at work every day so the music is a great idea too! I didn't realize there was a different language there - do you hear people speaking it much? I'd be interested in learning some key phrases if there might be a chance to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimpat1 View Post
    Turn your backyard into mini couples. Jerk something, rum, reggae et al.
    Just be careful that the neighbors don't catch you doing that in your backyard!

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    I have a countdown clock on my computer desktop at work and I change the desktop back ground to a different CSA photo every couple of days. Itís a wonderful feeling knowing that there is a very relaxing vacation coming.

    Soon come.

    Life is good

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    We're down to 163 days (more specifically 162 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes, 40...39...38...seconds). I have set my Pandora to reggae, which has a surprisingly calming effect on me, I must say! I've been looking at pictures, reading the boards, watching YouTube videos, and I found a bunch of CSS photos to put on my desktop at work, cycling through every five minutes. My boss caught sight of one of the pictures the other day and said "Is that where you're going?? Sign me up!" (no way buddy!!)

    Among other preparations (end of season sales, making lists, etc) I'm trying to determine the best way to keep in touch with the kids. I know nothing about Skype and my kids told us to get Oovoo, which I guess is the same. Any recommendations for this techno-quest? What should I look for in an app? Do they use data or count as calls, etc? I'm not even sure I'm asking the right questions. Help?

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