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    I didn't have much luck on the main message board, so I hope someone here can answer. My wife is interested in the lovebird portrait session and the live portrait sessions held on Fridays. Can anyone provide some guidance as to what these entail?

    Also, for the roaming photographers pictures, how much do they cost from the photo desk?

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    Can't answer the portrait but photo wise I seem to remember they were something like 3 for $65, 5 for approx $85 and 7 for $105 (and so on) - the photos are put on a CD. We had the $105 as we had 7 out of about 20 that we liked and got a printed photo with a Couples Silver Frame as well as the CD. Tip - If you find you like a photo but its not 100% to your liking they will photoshop it eg - on our favourite photo my wife had a hair clip which appeared white and looked like a piece of dust when printed so they hairbrushed it out for us and reprinted it.

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