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    I have a quick room question. We booked a Premier Ocean view room in Dec 2013. I have seen people posting about you want to try for this building or that building etc... Can you choose what building your in before you get there? If so what buildings do people suggest for Premier Ocean View rooms?

    Thank you-

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    You can put in a request, but there are no guarantees. I think you have to be a Romance Rewards member and pre-register.

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    We have not visited yet, but will in 12 days so I can't offer a qualified opinion. However from reading these message board posts I don't think you can request a particular room in advance, but you might be able to request a particular building with that room type upon arrival unless they're fully booked. Personally I'm concerned about the Premier Ocean rooms in bldg 2 but that's only because I think I'd prefer the more direct on the beach view from bldg 3 rather than overlooking the pool, and am not sure about noise from the pool area. I don't know for sure if that's something to be concerned about so my choice is primarily based on not wanting to have to look past the pool to see the beach and ocean. I've heard some of the rooms in Bldg 2 may be a little bigger. Listen to what those that have been there have to say, and maybe after we return I'll have a more informed opinion to share.

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    For those who've been in Premier Ocean view rooms in Bldg 3, which ones are best? (biggest balcony, best view, away from elevators, etc) What room did you have and what did you think of it? This is just in case we're offered a choice of rooms to pick from when we arrive in 12 days. Thanks!

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    All the premier ocean rooms are excellant. They have different things that apeal to you for whatever reason. Take what you get and enjoy, no need to worry about something that is not a problem. We have been in building 2 and 3, both have noise of some sort, usually other guests going back to their room late that think its ok to continue their laughing and shouting as they go down the hallway.

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    Beginning to rethink whether we'd rather be in bldg 2 or 3. The rooms in 3 now seem to be a bit further down the beach and more over the pier area so maybe those by the main pool will be better after all. Can't decide!! Might just do as suggested and go with what we get. Generally whatever happens is what was meant to happen anyway. At least we like to think that...

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    If you don't like your room for any reason they will try to accommodate a change. Especially if you let then know right away. Obviously this depends on how booked they are and it might take a night or two for you to get a very specific request.

    It's funny how different people are - we like great views and ocean sounds - others want to be close and have total quiet or a direct view of the pool / island / mountains.

    Seems to all work out in the end as they have always put us in great rooms with exactly what we want.

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    We were in room 2201 ( building 2. ), and it was gorgeous with a big balcony and breathtaking view. I felt like we had the best room in the place.
    The time before, we had a superior ocean with hardly any view at all, but you know what? Both trips were equally amazing!!!
    Enjoy your visit to paradise which ever room you're in!!!

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    We were in room 3314. It was centrally located and the view was amazing. You could see the beach and the island.

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    Hi Sandman,

    we will be there in about 1 month, paid for premier room. What building are you located? What do you think of the room and building?

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    We're there now and were initially given room 3224, which is just a couple of rooms from the west end of Bldg 3 with a view not much different than the Deluxe Ocean view rooms in Bldg 4. We preferred to be more centrally located over the beach, so we asked for a different room and got room 3208, right over the lobby terrace, in the middle area of the beach, and directly across from tower isle, so we think the view is one of the best on the resort. It's on the second floor, so with only one floor to go up or down it's very convenient with no need to climb multiple flights of stairs or wait on an elevator. Our balcony is one of the largest you can get and can't beat the view, unless you prefer a view of the main pool or swim-up bar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    Hi Sandman,

    we will be there in about 1 month, paid for premier room. What building are you located? What do you think of the room and building?
    Ours is just above the lobby on the second floor of Bldg 3 and overlooks the lobby terrace, beach, and is directly across from Tower Isle. We like this bldg because it's close to all the restaurants and we were more interested in seeing the beach and island. Others prefer a view of the pool, so they choose Bldg 2, and they can also see the island in the distance. Those rooms are just set back a bit more behind the main pool. I thought we'd be disappointed with a second floor room instead of third floor, (4th floor is suites), but actually this worked out best. There's no palm trees in the way so no need for a high floor to see over them. Being on the second floor means there's only one flight of stairs to go up or down, and no need to wait for an elevator. The view from Bldg 3 is phenomenal and only differs in what's directly in front of your balcony. I believe the last couple of rooms on the very west end of the bldg, closest to bldg 4 are actually Deluxe Ocean View rooms, which is primarily what's in bldg 4. Those would be closer to the swim-up pool bar. If you would like to see that rather than the beach or main pool, go for a Deluxe Ocean view instead. The view of the island is just about the same as for the Premier Ocean View rooms, just more at an angle to it. They initially gave us room 3224, but we asked to be more centrally located and didn't want to be over the pier or swim-up bar so they moved us to 3208, which was perfect! Some of the rooms have bigger balconies than others, but all have ample space for two chairs and a table and still room left over. Go to and read their review of CTI, which includes dozens of pictures of all room types so you can see the difference. Other than the suites, all seem about the same with the main difference being the view.

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    Great, thanks for the info. We were in building 4 last year right in front of the swim up bar, it became loud in the evenings right before closing, that is why we wanted premier on the other side, your descriptions have been very helpful!

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