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    Default CSS - AN beach and pool area washroom facilities

    First time expectant travellers to CSS...
    ...are there washroom facilities near the AN beach and pool areas?

    Can't wait, countdown is on ......

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    Default the mineral pool AN?

    Hoping the mineral pool is in the AN section as well. Seems logical?

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    There are separate restrooms for men and women - the ladies has a stall, sink & hand dryer. The shower has several heads and is located between the grill & the hot tub.

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    Hello! There are bathrooms at SSB! No Worries!!!:-) The housekeeping staff keep the mens and womens restrooms very clean. I can only describe the womens bathroom--it has two sinks and a single stall.

    Have a wonderful trip!:-)

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    I believe the washrooms were recently renovated as well. The mineral pool is at the far end of the resort, next to the gym and spa, below G block.

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    Stan - the mineral pool is the other end of the resort from the A/N so unless you can run pretty fast you will need something to cover you up. ps it is worth the walk though as on the three times we went there we were the only ones using it and the smoothies are great as well.

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    The mineral pool is next to the spa - not near the AN at all.


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    The mineral pool is not on the AN side there's an map on the website you can see where it is in reference to the AN beach.

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    Stan, Unfortunately, the Mineral Pool is not in located at SSB and you have to wear a swimming suit.

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    Mineral pool is NOT on the AN side. BUT be sure to visit the hot tub above the mineral pool, even if you have to keep your clothes on, it is still fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan View Post
    Hoping the mineral pool is in the AN section as well. Seems logical?
    The mineral pool is not in the AN area.

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    I will speak to the Men's room...It has one sink, a stall and a urinal. As suzyQ said, the keep the bathrooms clean. The showers are out in the open by the pool and can be used for washing sand off before getting in the pool...and please do that people. Lets keep the pool clean. Oh and the mineral pool is not in the AN area. It is between the Gym/Yoga area and the Spa.
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    Thanks folks! Plan on a spa day with mrs stan so a trip to the mineral pool will be on the list.

    agreed on the showers prior to hopping in the pool - a 30 second rinse goes a long way to making the pool maintenance staff's life a WHOLE lot easier.

    is it too early to start a countdown for December? where is that time machine when you need it?

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